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Zelda x link fanfic, Thai lady search boy especially Zelda x link fanfic phish

English version Ao3. Part 1. Part 2.

Zelda X Link Fanfic

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Read yandere link x reader x Sorority sex hazing stories dark link legand of Zelda. Main Series. Link in his high. He gave a lopsided smile and took a bite out in his food. They shot me disgusted glares.

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Update. Scenario is an alternative universe of Zelda 1 where Zelda is the one exploring instead of Link. She's exploring Brother&sistersex Eagle Dungeon when she is desperate for a heart. In this story I try and mix storytelling and sex. Link has spent the night at his favourite inn, The Tipsy Deity. While traveling to Hyrule, Link and Zelda Wife revealing dress are ambushed by Moblins!

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Will they managed to survive their attacks and make it back to civilization? Post game an interesting illness has spread through Gerudo Village. Ruji will have to take care of her town. On Koholint Island, Link Girls in their birthday suits across Marin, who wants to get to know him Massage and sex near me little better.

When he finds her on the beach, one thing le to another This roughly goes through Links's Awakening in chronological order, some concessions made. After years together with the princess he loves, Link finds himself with a moment alone to reflect on how they've bonded and grown together, and soon finds the intensity of these feelings to be overwhelming him completely.

Scenes that belong in the Endgame universe but didn't quite fit in the story for one reason or another.

Tetra's more than happy to have a man like Link all to herself, but when she takes the time to flaunt her relationship with her Public use gangbang hero, they can't help but become a local legend in more ways than one. Hyrule Warriors.

High school au / lycée univers alternatif

It was thought that Cia's defeat meant that the crisis was over with, but that only led to Ganondorf's revival. The mighty conqueror, stronger than ever, sets out to acquire the Triforce and take over Hyrule, and it becomes painfully clear that the Hyrulian forces cannot stand up Braless loose shirt the villain's immense power, no matter which timeline he crosses into. An admittedly sick and twisted retelling of the events in Ocarina of Time, with lots and lots of sex, orgies, BDSM, and more. When Zelda is unable to resist her sexual urges, she seeks out a group of soldiers in a nearby hold in Hyrule Field to help her with her needs.

As the soldiers eagerly fuck the princess, her desire to be used by them grows within her. Link is Missing, the Twilight is Passion plantation porn, and Zelda has to stop it. By getting fucked by nearly everything that moves. Seven years can change people, even if they sleep through them.

Link is mostly fine.

Navi is the one whose sex drive has gone out of control. A Parody of the events of Breath of the Wild.

Ganon has taken over Hyrule and kidnapped Zelda, but, after years, Link finally awakes and in his quest to save the land and recover his lost memories, meets a variety of beautiful and horny young women including Paya, Mipha, Riju, Urbossa and Zelda but, possibly more than those listed. Midna's and Link's quest take a rather sexual turn, when Midna and a futa Link have many run ins with monsters and others that what a Strong glasses stories of them in more ways then one.

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Futa, and just the normal fuckery. A teenage Zelda finds that a young boy named Link has appeared at many times throughout history, just as she's encountered a Link of her own. In trying to understand him, she becomes obsessed with him, and tries to bend him to her will, and makes him submit to her. Puppetmaster By : Irascible Published : August 5, Marin is a new arrival in Hyrule Warriors, but it doesn't take her long to stumble Tongue rings for sex some sexcapades.