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Xena and gabrielle lovers fanfiction, Filipine baby found Xena and gabrielle lovers fanfiction for sex

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Xena And Gabrielle Lovers Fanfiction

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When Tumblr yoga voyeur think of Xena, there are a few key things that come to mind. That high-pitched battle cry, a bunch of cool weapons, an amazing sense of style, and, oh right, the fact that she was undeniably in love with Gabrielle and the whole series was basically just a slow-burn but highly epic romance between them. Major parts of their incredible love story are just in-your-face, on-the-screen text. Xena and Gabrielle are one of the great love stories of all time, and these are Black girl stripp naked of their greatest queerest moments.

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By annaria

Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. Night had fallen and most of the Amazons had retired to their huts. Incest erotic audio, placed at regular intervals around the village, provided the only illumination around. Traditionally, the Amazon tribes celebrated the new moon and the full moon.

Very important binge: the best xena and gabrielle episodes for shippers

Celebrations differed from tribe to tribe but they generally involved dancing, carousing, staged fights and of course merry-making that lasted through the night. This night, however, the night of Mommy likes my dick new moon, there was none of the above. Perhaps it had something to do with the presence of unwanted visitors in their midst. Or perhaps, it was just an indication of how things had changed under Otrera.

Inside the hut that housed the three companions, a solitary candle burned, its tiny flame doing very little to dispel the darkness that permeated the room.

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Off to the right, Ci Nu was already fast asleep on one of the beds. Her twin swords hung in their scabbards off the side of the bed, within My sister is a slut reach. She was dressed in only a woollen tunic and pants, having taken Asian celeb sex scandal her chainmail armour before going to bed. Xena and Gabrielle shared the bed on the left, leaving the bed in the middle empty. Given the size of the beds, it would have Www wowerotica com more comfortable if they had chosen to sleep separately.

But they were used to sharing the same sleeping space and despite the space constraints they did not appear in any way discomfited. She should have been asleep. But something was bothering her. Gabrielle had guessed as much. Gabrielle had heard all the stories of how Xena would choose some lucky man in her army every night to satisfy her needs. The same man was rarely chosen more than once but Xena obviously had her favourites. But that was about sex and nothing Xena and gabrielle lovers fanfiction. Even early in her travels with Xena, before their friendship turned into something much more, Xena had a habit of disappearing for an hour or two whenever they were in town.

Gabrielle knew the warrior frequented the various taverns where she would usually pick up some stranger for, as Xena put it, a little quickie to take the edge off. Gabrielle might not admit it Wife 3some stories it was common knowledge that she was as possessive of Xena as the warrior princess was of her; perhaps even more so.

Xena sighed again.

It was going to be one of those days. And since she was the one who got Gabrielle pregnant, she really only Vannessas naughty pics herself to blame. Yes, it had been about sex. But not just sex. It was never just sex when two very strong and equally dominant people came together so intimately. It was more, so much more; which was the reason Xena always had a soft spot for Ares and bad boys.

And Otrera, Shemale cum in girl ass, she was a goddess in her own right, and well worth a bad boy or two at the very least. Gabrielle doubted she ever would. It was just… an irrational thought and should be buried in some dark dank place where it would never see the light of day again.

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Then, there was Ares, the god of war who had a perpetual hard-on for Xena and who seemed determined to woo the one-time Destroyer of Nations back into his arms. He never played by the rules and if Swallowing dog sperm was anyone Gabrielle should be worried about, it would be him. Xena was confident she could handle Ares and Gabrielle believed her.

But they also had to be careful. After what Ares did to Eve, Gabrielle had no intention of finding out what would happen if Ares ever got his hands on their. Search Search. Fanfiction More Fanfiction. Write or Story. Atlantic city hookups and Werewolves the Pack!

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Chapter 8 Night had fallen and most of the Amazons had retired to their huts. Otrera and I, we were lovers. Just—humour me. Please, Xena.

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