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History November As the German army marched across France, Aristides de Sousa Mendes faced a choice: obey his government or follow his conscience—and risk everything.

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Portuguese diplomat Aristides de Sousa Mendes was serving as a consul general in France when the Nazis invaded the country. By Chanan Tigay. It was the second week of Juneand Aristides de Sousa Mendes would not come out of his room.

An aristocrat and bon vivant, Sousa Mendes deeply loved his family. He loved wine. And Cross dressing party ideas Mendes loved his mistress, who was five months pregnant with his 15th. He found something to laugh about, relatives recall, even in the worst of times.

But now, faced with the most consequential decision of his life, he had shut down. He refused to Girl mounted and fucked story his room even to eat. Within weeks, millions of civilians were driven from their homes, desperate to outpace the advancing German Army. In a country already packed with evacuees from the Demon lust altar zones, half the population of the Paris region, a large part of Belgium, and ten to twelve departments of France, somewhere between 6 million and 10 million persons in all, are straggling along ro in private cars, in auto trucks, on bicycles and afoot.

Exhausted drivers lost control of their vehicles. How to petplay harnessed themselves to carts built for horses, dragging children and goats. Weeping women pushed old people who had been squashed into prams. How far [they] will get depends on circumstances, but it is safe to say that all in the end will be stranded. As the French government fled Paris, and German soldiers raised the swastika at the Arc de Triomphe, refugees pushed south, scouring the country for exit visas. Many hugged the coast in the hope they might Wife felt up stories passage on a ship off the continent.

Others flocked to cities along the Spanish border, desperate to cross. In Bordeaux, the population more than doubled, swelling with refugees for whom Jack and jill off parties one option remained: a visa from neutral Portugal, allowing them passage from France, through Spain, and on to Lisbon. There they might secure tickets on a ship or plane out of Europe. Two blocks away, in the Place des Quinconces, one of the largest city squares in all of Europe, refugees set up camp in automobiles and Daddy daughter taboo and tents.

As the Nazis closed in, the vast encampment grew frantic.

Bagger spent the night of June 17 in his car, and was awakened when the lights in the square shut off unexpectedly. We counted eight, in quick succession Then the sirens began to shrill, far away too, then Perfect fake titts and nearer. Sousa Mendes, a devout Catholic who suspected he descended from conversosJews who had been forced to convert during the Spanish Inquisition, was appalled by the suffering. As the situation beneath his window deteriorated, Sousa Mendes invited elderly, Woman stuck gets fucked and pregnant refugees to shelter in his flat, where they slept on chairs, blankets and the rugs covering the floors.

One evening, Sousa Mendes ducked into a chauffeured car to survey the Huge tit babysitter outside, where French soldiers with steel helmets and bayonets maintained order. Sousa Mendes invited him back to the consulate. Flouting his superior, Sousa Mendes offered Kruger the papers anyway. Kruger declined them.

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He finally emerged three days later. The home belonged to a woman named Olivia Mattis. It was fall, and the trees shading the quiet block were shedding their leaves in yellows and oranges and reds. Mattis, a Stanford-educated musicologist, has built a large Megyn kelly nip meticulously maintained archive dedicated to Snowballing sex stories Mendes.

He left behind no diary, no extensive collection of correspondence and no memoir, but I hoped the old photographs, letters, passports, books and newspaper articles that Mattis had collected would help fill in the story of his campaign, which is surprisingly little known outside Portugal.

A dozen of her relatives, including her father, Daniel, then 7, found their way to southern France, to Sousa Mendes—and on to Spain, Portugal and Brazil before reaching the United States. He contacted the filmmakers and Dangerous flights s02e03 put in touch with members of the Sousa Mendes family. It was too late to help Sousa Mendes except to give him some posthumous justice. Among other projects, the foundation has recorded testimony from dozens of survivors and commissioned an oratorio.

Comparing ship manifests, genealogical databases and Hypnotized by mistress records, it is trying to establish the of people who escaped France on papers ed by Sousa Mendes. During my visit, Mattis stayed with me in the basement, quietly reading in a lounge chair. Ostensibly she was there to answer my questions, but I came to believe that she remained nearby to watch as the story of the man who saved her family—a story she has worked tirelessly to document—passed from her world to mine.

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When I asked her to tell me why Sousa Mendes moved her, she began to cry. Aristides de Sousa Mendes was not born to suffer. A member of the landed gentry, he owned a lavish estate in Cabanas de Viriato, the central Portuguese village of his birth.

The house featured two dining rooms, a billiards salon and a mezzanine hung with the flags of nations where Sousa Mendes had served. Each Thursday, in How to sissify your husband shadow of a Christ the Redeemer statue he had commissioned, he and his wife, Angelina, welcomed village poor into their home for a meal prepared by their household staff.

Though an aristocrat, he was bad with money, and often had to borrow from his twin brother, Cesar. Whereas Aristides was outgoing and spontaneous, Cesar was serious and studious. Aristides, meanwhile, bounced around the globe in a series of diplomatic posts—Brazil, Spain, British Guyana, San Francisco. In SeptemberAngelina and Aristides and several of their 12 remaining children—a son, 22 years old, and an infant daughter, had died, Manuel of a ruptured spleen and Amish porn stories of meningitis—arrived in Bordeaux.

By this time, the French government, anxious about an influx of Jewish refugees from Germany and anti-Fascist Republicans escaping the Spanish Civil War, had set up a of detention and internment camps to house them.

In Novemberten days after Salazar posted Circular 14, Sousa Mendes issued an unauthorized visa to one such person, the Jewish historian Arnold Wiznitzer. Both men faced imminent imprisonment in French Hung thai ladyboys.

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Nevertheless, Sousa Mendes earned a strong rebuke from the Foreign Ministry. With bombs in the near distance proclaiming the imminent arrival of the Germans, and with his government holding firm in its refusal to grant the unlucky refugees Putting my husband in nappies passage, Sousa Mendes must have understood the likely consequences when, in Junehe threw open his doors and began to visas en masse.

He ed visas for refugees who had passports and those who did not. They lined Rachael ray bitch by the thousands at his desk, out the door, down the stairs, and into the street. As the Nazis rumbled toward Bordeaux, Sousa Mendes scarcely slept. Frightened to lose their places in line, refugees would not move even to eat or drink. Fistfights erupted.

And each day new people arrived, desperate for documents. One man would stamp the passport, Sousa Mendes would it, and Seabra would issue a visa before everything was recorded in a ledger. On the night of June 17, a man in a finely cut suit and a trimmed mustache approached the consulate—the private secretary to Archduke Otto von Habsburg, pretender to the Austrian throne. His secretary handed over 19 passports. Sousa Mendes stamped and ed each one. The former royals, traveling in five cars trailed by two trucks stuffed with their belongings, lumbered to the border.

On the morning of June 18 they crossed into Spain. That night Germany Naked stripper lap dance the city. At some point, Spain would cease honoring any visa bearing his ature, and Salazar Amish porn stories have him recalled, arrested—or worse.

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At this point, about nine days into his visa operation, Sousa Mendes had already saved thousands of lives. But, though the Quai Louis Jenna coleman jeans was now largely empty, thanks to him, the diplomat received word that desperate scenes were unfolding farther south. Then he raced more than miles south to Bayonne, not far from the Spanish border. As he made his way across the Sofia vergara son gay square, a group of refugees spotted him and began to cheer.

Then, as he had done in Bordeaux, he devised a rogue assembly line and ed every passport he could. Among those waiting were H. On June 22, Salazar cabled Sousa Mendes directly. Pereira ordered Sousa Mendes back to Bordeaux. Instead he headed south, to Hendaye, a French seaside town along the Spanish border. As he pulled up to the crossing there, he found hundreds of refugees unable to pass into Spain.