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Why is my chameleon rubbing his eye, I Why is my chameleon rubbing his eye look up girl that like hentai

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Why Is My Chameleon Rubbing His Eye

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I have a baby veiled.

Not sure the exact age. He keeps squinting his eyes and rubbing his face on branches and leaves.

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He's also really grumpy compared to usual. Could this be alone that he's starting to shed? When I have been able Asian massage parlor stories get a good look at him his eyes seem fine, but I'm concerned that maybe he hurt his eyes somehow.

He doesn't squint all the time. He also isn't following his regular sleep schedule. He was sleeping when I got home. These are the best I could do as far of pics of him.

Rubbing on branches and squinting eyes?

Ok, that red light needs to go right now. Also, where do you live? Glass terrariums are rarely used for veileds. This could be a variety of things. The UV is too strong and has burned his retina gary's right on this It could also be that something is in his eyes from the branches Eldar human romance fanfiction.

Rubbing eye on branches?

A ficus does have irritating laytex that is not good to have on the skin. I've seen plenty of eye infections get started after spraying. Never spray at them or their faces ppl. There's antibiotic eye ointments and eye flushes that can be used to rinse out their eyes If the eye is right and shiny, then you'll need to up the Moms and daughtershaving sex/. Take him to the sink and let him drink He has a water dish but I can't get Fiona pocket pussy to drink from it.

He usually drinks the water drops from the side of his terrarium. I just put a pothos in yesterday. That's the only live plant in there.

His eyes look clear. I'm assuming the burning of the Retina is a permanent thing?

I don't know how to post pics in the comments from my phone so I'll try to Pussy under skirts it from my computer. There is either an eye injection or could be a retina burn from incorrect lighting.

They do normally rub their eyes from time to time, but it shouldn't be something that happens several times a day unless they are shedding, but you would know if that was the case. And his eyes don't look damaged Donny and marie incest cloudy. Would flushing them warm water in them help?

I can't get close enough for pics because he starts to his and shake at me.

He's eating, pooping and drinking like a champ. Hiss and shake pictures are totally fine.

Chameleon eye trouble

Atleast a picture of his setup would be helpful. Pictures pictures pictures.

Full profile of the babe, close up of his head, and Indian lesbian sex stories picture of the setup. Also if you can provide scale like a hand or ruler. Found the internet! Rubbing on branches and squinting eyes? Posted by 7 years ago.

Sort Husband wears diapers new suggested. Reply Hot moms in underwear. Continue this thread. Never spray at them or their faces ppl There's antibiotic eye ointments and eye flushes that can be used to rinse out their eyes Chameleons are a increasingly popular pet for people to keep and this sub is for those that wish to learn more about these animals, their care and even showing off their animals, their successes and hopefully preventing any sorrows along the way.

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