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Why do girls like sucking dick, Why do girls like sucking dick would like looking up boy who loves figure

Every partner enjoys a blowjob, obviously if done correctly. Very few with horrible memories will brush aside a chance to get a good oral sex.

Why Do Girls Like Sucking Dick

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Years: 27
Eyes: Dark green
What is my body type: I'm skinny
Favourite music: I prefer to listen easy listening
Hobbies: My hobbies singing

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10 women reveal why they love going down on you

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It has something to do with being well adjusted and emotionally healthy. TruthBTold Send a private message.

While getting a blowjob is an overwhelming experience for the guy, it is a bag of mixed emotions for the girl giving it.

My wife says that she enjoys it because Horny little black girls the reaction she gets from me. It turns her on to make me pant and breathe heavy and beg her not to stop. She likes to finish it off as well because she says it's a sense of accomplishment. A "Look at what I made you do" kind of thing.

That's why she's my wife! That's not the only reason, but it's on the list.

Sex chronology

Snowyangel Send a private message. I like doing it.

As a matter of fact when my alarm went off this morning I was having a very erotic dream about pleasing my man. Delete Report Edit Reported Reply.

Snowyangel : I agree. I hear from a lot of guys that this happens. I guess I am fortunate to have a wife that enjoys giving. This reply was removed by a moderator.

Mambo64 Send a private message. KeishaTooClassy Send a private message. I do it because it makes me squirt.

I love squirting. KeishaTooClassy : do you wanna suck?

Well I am told that they love the feel of my dick in their mouths. They say I have a nice size Submissive cuckold blog shape that makes them wanna suck it.

They like the round ball head, and like the long smooth shaft and they say it turns them on when I ejaculate in their mouths and. Feeling Guys getting pegged tumblr jerky pulsating orgasm that t8made happen.

Ask a New Question expand. Heyhello Why does he go soft on me? Bunnijo Does it sound like he did not enjoy the sex?

2. some women enjoy how much their partner enjoys it

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