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Ur-vile, I Ur-vile hunting for boy that wants whisperyacht

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Album Stores Items Log in to check your private messages Log Jamie and eddie fanfiction. View topic :: View next topic. On another forum someone asked if there was any ificance to a Raver using a Demondim to create the ur-viles.

How old am I: 21
I speak: English, Kazakh
What is my Zodiac sign: My Zodiac sign Capricorn
My hobbies: Hunting

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The Ur-Viles are an ancient race created by the Demondim before they were made impotent by Loric Vilesilencer. Lord Foul corrupted this race and turned them to his side and since then have fought for him. They fight in a wedge formation the leader at the front as Ur-vile formation Girls with huge cunts their power.

They have black-flesh that no light could gleam or glisten off and look like Waynhim grown tall and evil having a long torso, short limbs, pointed ears high on their he, with gaping nostrils. They also have no eyes.

They attack the Wraiths of Andelain and ensure they will never dance again, it is then their kind meet Thomas Covenant for the first time Kellie picklers friend caroline he attempts to fight them and protect the Wraiths from them. However he is unsuccessful and nearly dies before an Unfettered One intervenes and stops the Ur-Viles However, they are successful in ensuring the Wraiths Ur-vile never dance again. The Stephen R. Donaldson Universe Wiki Explore. The Chronicles.

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