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The Staff Of Epimetreus

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Conan: The main character, Conan's parents and grandfather were frozen in stone by Wrath-Amon, he is on a quest to free them and the send Wrath-Amon and his serpent Hypnotized by mistress back to another dimension. He has many tools to help him with this such as his Star-metal sword, his shield which houses the phoenix Wifes niece cum in, and the Amulet of Vathelos. Greywolf: Greywolf aids Conan on his journey. He is an air wizard with magical powers amplified by his staff. On the end of the staff if the Claw Of Heaven. His brother Misha and sister Sasha were turned into werewolves.

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These sets will include technology, magic items, and various other artifacts. Chronologies are likely to be incomplete, as I don't often pay as much attention to this.

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You can also visit the Magic for lists on magic items. About Face Daredevil story, virus. Absorbascann used by Everyman. Absorber Wakandan device - by Chadman. Abundant Gems cosmic power items, Howard the Duck story. Aceldama Bad Seed, vampire drug.

Exiled lands improved : staff of epimetreus gameplay

Aerocraft Avengers vehicle - by Proto-Man. Aeroglide of Earth Mongrel's vehicle. Aeroships Cult of the Living Pharao. Aero-Sub Avengers vehicle, invented by Mr. Fantastic - by John Kaminski.

Age-Converter Dr. Markov invention. Air-Cruiser Avengers vehicle - by Proto-Man. Airship of Earth Dr. Octopus' mobile HQ - by David Lawrence. Airships Cult of the Living Pharao. Alchemax Prototype Satellite Laser of Earth Alchemoid Captain America foe - by Spidermay. Alchem-Tech virus, used by Nocturne.

Alchemy Gun Chemistro Curtis Carr.

Exiled lands improved : staff of epimetreus gameplay

Alice II Ted Higgens' ship. Alkhema War Toy; Avengers foe. Alkinoos of Earth Sword in the Star. Alpha Mad Thinker's Intellectual Robots.

Amazing Friends of Earth Spider-Friends. Amazing Guitar of Death Miles Flatt's guitar.

Conan exiles best spear

Ameboid Robot Mendel Stromm creation. Amphibian Androids Synthoids.

Amulet of Aagara cyber comic, invulnerability-granting mystic item - by Proto-Man. Amulet of Azmodeus Master Pandemonium. Amulet of Blue-Fire Conan story. Amulet of Octaviano Girl forced to give head by Deacon Frost doppelganger. Amulet of Pazuzu Howard the Duck story.

Amulet of Power Sacred Pendant of Kukulcan. Amulet of Pure White Light of reality used against demon Bialgesuard.

Amulet of Set artifact of Ishiti. Amulet of Sibyl Olympian mystic item - by Proto-Man.

Amulets of Damballah Zombie. Analysis Ball Skrull device - by Proto-Man. Ancient Talisman Jade Serpent. Angie of Ultraverse Harmonica's universal tool. Ankh Necklace Cult of the Living Pharao. Annie Oakwood Old West, ventriloquist dummy. Anomaly Gem Funny bra stories artifact - by Markus Raymond. Antarctica Syndrome Greedy Killerwatt. Anti-Charge Bazooka A.

Anti-Cosmic Flying Wing used to combat cosmic Dr. Doom - by Prime Eternal. Harold Schmidt.

Anti-Mind Deviant creation - by Norvo. Aphonic Bomb Anton Trojak's weapon. Aqhat's arrows mystic arrows. Aqhat's bow mystic bow.

Arctic Complex used by Bedlam, Alpha Flight stories. Argon's sword Chane story.


Argon's trophies Chane story. Argus ship of Tito, Conan story. Ark of Earth Star-Lord story. Ark of Omon-Kra Biphasia dimension, not much info. Armageddon's warship Hulk story. Armor of God Warlord Kargul. Arrow of Hoder found by Order of Hydra.

Exiled lands improved : staff of epimetreus gameplay

Asbestoscase of Reality Paradox story. Astarion Inhuman intergalactic spaceship - by Chadman. Astraea of Earth Ruins rocket.

Atmospheric Ion Saturator Hostess ad, Stormrider weapon. Atomic Changer Kiber's Guards weapon. Mark Kells, Lance Brant story. Atomic-powered drilling machine used by Henry Burke. Atomic Re-Assembler Sigmar invention, Eternals. Atomo-Duplicator Kang technology, used in Spider-Man robot creation.

The staff of epimetreus vs the silent legion armor or pvp with horse! | conan exiles

Atom-Sphere Arkon device - by Proto-Man. Attrakton Alpha Centaurians. Fantastic Four robot - by AvatarWarlord Weird tentical porn Diablo weapon - by John Kaminski. Auto-Boxers Eternals toy - by John Kaminski. Autocron fleet Machine Man story. Auto-Disintegrator Zetora's gun. Axi-Tun starship Starmasters story. Azshiran ring, magic item. Badge of Office Magistrati badge. Badoon Mento-Programmer Defenders foe.

Bag of Enchantment Moon Wolf's "power item".

The staff of epimetreus vs the silent legion armor or pvp with horse! | conan exiles

Bandovian Star-Fountain Starfox story. Banshee Mask Hulk story, used by Bereet. Baron von Blimp's dirigible US One. Baron Zemo's Heli-Hovercraft. Badwrench invention. Bedevilling Bolts magic spell - by Spidermay.

The staff of epimetreus vs the silent legion armor or pvp with horse! | conan exiles

Bedlam's Arctic Complex Alpha Flight stories. Beepie Solarman's robot - Daddy dom personals Grendel Prime. Behemoth android, Namor foe. Behemoth Godzilla Squad helicarrier. Belag's spaceship xt, Cat Greer Grant story.