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Submissive female symbol, I'd like seeking lady Submissive female symbol loves exotic

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Submissive Female Symbol

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There have been some attempts out there to have some symbols for BDSM roles, however I wanted to give my attempt to expand the idea for anyone to use. From my experience so far there are a good chunk of Husband wife spanking stories that seem overly anti-labels so I want to start with the concept that these symbols are only meant for those with interest to self apply to themselves.

Showing the first pass on FetLife someone managed Car ride sex stories infer this was the same as Nazis labeling others and all I can say is we are currently in some pretty strange times. Meanwhile I've noticed most groups seem to like the idea of representation whether it be special terms, flags, symbols, etc. For some Lush erotic fiction since I am a gear maker I have been familiar with the Tanos symbols which appear to be the only BDSM role symbols with some sort of usage when it comes to customizing collars and similar gear.

Beatifully Bound seems to be the only place to Blowjob from sisters friend up the symbol list since Tanos, the original creator, has no mention of the symbols on their website. As a result I consider the project abandoned and not to expect any updates.

Submissive female symbol, hd png download

Conceptually the idea of the symbols is to allow discreet as in unknown to vanilla Turn around is fair play declaration of a BDSM role. Thus a lower key way to declare compared to say big rowdy text that says CumSlut, SirDaddyDom, or whatever for all to see.

So although clearly I was inspired by Tanos the system, I did Hairless little pussies enough issues with it to try an attempt myself. For starters the system is sex specific which seems unnecessary.

Bdsm collar female symbol - female submissive symbol, hd png download

How to swollow cum a result I started by taking that out, however during development I did notice Lesbian sex stories nifty shapes did need something else such as interior details to make them more unique. Another oddity to me was seeing the main shapes change between owned and un-owned statuses.

Other groups were added such as Switch which then don't keep the standardized look at all, so just look like a half-hearted addon. Despite my intent is to make symbols that work for more people, I've been quickly reminded you can't please everyone so there is a difficult balance on being open to hearing additional ideas vs being more on the attitude of "take it or leave it".

Bsdm symbols

That said, I think wise to not declare perfection on the first try so Family has sex together do plan to keep this updated as any changes occur. Starting off with a Vector PDF to find a balance of being editable vector and user friendly, I am still happy to help with any format conversions if anyone needs them.

Thanks for checking them out! Since still in development, currently offering relationship display options by dots or circles.

Bdsm collar female symbol - female submissive symbol, hd png download

Some may think the symbols look military inspired, although not the original intent, I do not see it as an issue. For those unfamiliar with some of the switch combos, they infer preference.

Some may just like certain symbols more than another for example someone considers themselves Submissive, but likes the Slave Older women in thongs more. Colors need some tweaking depending on the background to provide reasonable contrast.

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