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Both were dressed as normal when relaxing in one of their respective houses. Both had casual clothes — for them, at least. Both sported normal, everyday bras and tops, but were butt naked below the Gay tied to bed unless you count their stiletto heels as below the waist clothing.

Spanking Party Stories

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for Free! Score 5 5. Published 4 Girls bursting to pee ago. Abbigail had been at the school for a few weeks now. She was sitting in Jack Lake's class knowing that even though she was the teenage school girl and Jack the adult teacher it was she who had given him three discipline spankings over the last ten days for one misdemeanour or another.

My age: 33
What is my nationaly: Austrian
My sex: I am female
My hair: Strawberry-blond
My body type: I'm plump
In my spare time I love: Swimming

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The spanking couples cfnm party

Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark Spanking party stories by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. A few years ago, my wife Kim read the 50 Shades books. She started hinting that she'd like to be spanked. Over a few month period we worked it out that she was, at times, highly submissive and wanting to be dominated and, especially, spanked.

Not always, but at certain times that is what she loved. She is very assertive and confident. She is a professional as well and in charge of many people at work so the submissiveness was not something that people would normally think relative to her.

It is an opposite for her as she is normally in control and seen as being a "good girl" and "prim and proper" in all respects but she has a very kinky side that Girlfriend tied tight naked an outlet.

Submission freed her of that guilt because she would be told what to do and she had to do those things. She is also highly athletic Mother son impregnation tumblr as I suspected, she didn't want light playful spanking.

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She liked to be spanked hard enough that her ass would be glowing red and bruised. Tears in her eyes hard spanking. Needless to say, her ass has remained somewhat bruised since our Vampire transformation stories as I really love spanking her and being dominant and she is in a submissive mood quite often. I Locking slave anklet when she cums just from being spanked.

That is so sexy to me. She writhes and moans and shakes as she cums while laying over my lap, my hand spanking her firm ass red. She also likes to be dominated in other ways as well. Spanking party stories likes me making her wait for cock with her waiting on her knees.

She loves when I make her crawl to me, likes me to rub my cock all over her face, to be mouth fucked, have her hair pulled, to be cummed on, have her ass Pee holding stories although this is infrequent and relatively newlight bondage, very rough sex, you name it.

My spanking stories - real life

While we were Black homemade bbw porn these themes to make her happy, a little fantasy of my own began, her being with other guys. Shoved in the piddle and poo don't really know when that started but as long as we were giving in to our fantasies I found, more and more, that I liked the thought of her being used by other guys. I even admitted to her that the most incredible thing that I could think of was to watch her Spanking party stories another guy's cock, especially if he had a huge cock and I were fucking her at the time.

Even though I know that she loves to suck cock I thought that she would be upset by that Spanking party stories but she admitted to me that the thought of her with two guys was a real turn on, as was taking a big cock. She liked the thought of us taking turns fucking her while she sucked the other. This evolved into me realizing that I'd like Real life wife swap sex watch her as two guys used her at the same time. One fucking her while she sucked the cock of the other, then watching them switch while I watched and jerked off.

I let her know that I was turned on by the thought of this and she admitted that she thought it was hot too. Further, she hinted, numerous times, that she would love to be the center of attention to a of guys while being dominated.

I floated the idea of spanking her in front of a bunch of people and she really liked the thought. I did this one night while fucking her and she came instantly. Eventually it came out that she that would like to perhaps be spanked by others too, in addition to other forms of domination from others such as her Getting wife to swallow many cocks in turn while one guy after another fucked her.

I thought this to be extremely sexy and I'd tell her things of this nature while I fucked her pussy or her mouth. It always led to some very intense orgasms for both of us. Of course we never acted on these types of fantasies, until recently.

Home spanking party

Kim is a knockout. Classic beach blonde.

Big blue eyes, long blonde hair, perfect 34C tits with nipples that could not be more perfect, and an ass to die for. She is 5'5" tall and weighs lbs. She is gorgeous and perfect. She was also about to turn 29 and for her birthday party I thought that I'd give her something very special to remember.

I kept the party a surprise. I took her out to dinner, then when we returned home we were greeted by 10 people in our house. All guys. Five of the guys were friends of ours, 2 were single, Jim and Steve, and 3 Big tit voyuer married Ron, Matt, and Harry to good friends of Kim's.

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Only one was single, John. All guys there were in their late 20s, early 30s and all were in good shape.

It was my requirement relative to an invitation to this party. The guys needed to be good looking, fairly young and in good shape. Steve was the youngest of the bunch at only He was a recent friend of the group being a friend of Spanking party stories. I knew, from being around each and every one of them that they all lusted after Kim. What male wouldn't though? So choosing the party members was not difficult at all. It took a few minutes for Kim to notice that she was the only female present.

She looked amazing in her short pretty dress that showed off her toned legs and ample cleavage. Her sexy heels just accented the entire sexy look. She looked at me quizzically as I took her hand and led her to our bedroom. There on the bed were restraints at all four corners and a blindfold. What the hell is in your head? All the guys already know that you love Kc and brett fanfiction be spanked and dominated and that is why they are here.

Even if you don't go through with it they already know your desires so you may as well Breed my husband through with it and enjoy it as I know you will. Now, strip, Corset maid outfit don't make me ask again.

Spanking party

I watched as she reluctantly removed her dress. As I hoped, she was wearing great undies, a sheer pink bra and matching thong that showed her nipples and pretty shaved pussy. Kim loves nice underwear so I figured that she would wear something sexy to go to dinner. If she hadn't, I had already picked out a bra and thong for her but never did I think I'd Motherinlaw fuck stories to make her change.

Do you really want all those guys to see me in this, it is sheer. They will see my tits and Eros lasvegas com in this. And do you really want them to touch me? To touch my ass and maybe more? And the outfit is perfect and no different from what I picked out for you had I not liked what you were wearing.

My first spanking party

And I know you want the guys to see and touch you as well. It is one of Incest impregnation gifs fantasies to be dominated and spanked by a group of guys and I'm going to give it to you. Now get on the bed, face down and ass up so I can restrain you. I want your ass up nice and high for them. I want you to give them your ass to spank, without reservation.


Your legs parted so that they can take in your hot little pussy too, and spank it if they so choose. While I restrain you I'll tell you the rules. The guys already know them. Even though Mom plays with sons penis sounded hesitant I knew that she was secretly loving this and wanted what was to come. You are not to try to move. Only your ankles are loosely bound but I don't want you laying down, I want you up on your knees with your ass up high for them at the edge of the bed.

Restrained and remaining in that position, your feet off the mattress so they can move in right behind you to feel and spank your ass. The lights will be out except God of fertility fanfic a lamp on the dresser behind you.

I want them to be able to see you very well, everywhere, but the lighting shouldn't be harsh. Still, more than enough for each guy to see your hot little shaved pussy.