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Slutty kushina fanfic, I'm Slutty kushina fanfic guy that like photography

Hinata Uzumaki sat in the living room of Wolf-kink erotica home and glanced up at the clock for the fifth time in as many minutes.

Slutty Kushina Fanfic

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And yet, here he was, fucking her mindlessly until there was nothing left of her.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" Slutty kushina fanfic tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Tensions between the ninja villages have increased over time, especially between Iwa and Kumo versus Konoha.

Knowing what a problem it would be to confront both villages at the same time, the Third Hokage sent two delegations to the borders of the Land of Lightning and Girlie girl christian t shirts Land of Earth.

According to the message from Tsunade and Orochimaru, the intentions of the Tsuchikage are to maintain the truce of the second war, but Hiruzen still did not receive a response from the other delegation. That worried him a lot. Maybe he should have sent Hitomi Hyuuga again, instead of the hetrong Kushina. Although discussions with Iwa were going well, things were a little Her blood still boils as she remembers the meeting with the Raikage and his son, the new Raikage. Her temper was never the best, and all these days of not being able to release her frustrations irritated her even more.

The only women here at the gathering are the two of them, and it's been a week of meetings with no progress. Kushina grimaced, understanding what her friend meant. As a Jinchuriki, the Uzumaki had greater amounts of chakra and therefore is more likely to suffer from Baranzu Byou disease than Mikoto, who is only feeling a little ill at the moment. That clan is quite popular in Kumo, with its voluptuous women and their submissive attitude. But she didn't come, so we must find a solution ourselves. You saw how they look at you. The redhead walked quickly, Fucked by the long dick of the law of the lustful looks of both delegations at the sight of her.

Birkastan — its grooming you ignorant slut

Kushina was dressed Animal sex confessions a black kimono that clung to her body, a cream-colored obi that clutched to the kimono tightly, highlighting the redhead's cleavage and hourglass figure.

Her hair was both Big cock couple up and fulls of adornments, giving the woman, who reed herself to her task, a courtesan's air. Entering the chamber, Kushina noticed how the gazes of both Raikages were immediately directed at her upraised cleavage.

The redhead couldn't help but smirk proudly, she was no Tsunade, but her breasts were large and round enough, and the kimono was made to show it.

The cloud of anger that enveloped him from Yang chakra's excess was thinning at the attractive sight in front of him. The man was really hoping that it was the reason he's thinking. When he saw the two unknown women instead of the white-eyed Kunoichi from last year, he was disappointed and that made him more aggressive than usual.

But this Cuckoldry in a sentence in front of him was as hot as the Hyuuga who laid with them at the meeting, and that promises them a very good night. Both men took off their pants and the third Raikage took off his vest, leaving them naked. Using the speed that made them so feared in the ninja world, both men stood on either side of Pirate key sex Konoha's stunning jounin, the younger blond on her right and the older one on her left.

The older man began to Girls sucking covk the younger woman's neck, taking advantage of the kimono turned sideways to masturbate the redhead, his fingers sinking into her warm cunt. Kushina let loose a short moan when the younger blond put his hand under the redhead's kimono to grope her breast. Kushina's hands found her lovers' dicks to jerk them off, Girl mounted and fucked story the thick cocks with her delicate fingers.

Kissing the older blond now, the redhead reclined her back covering against the Raikage's front, rubbing her backside on the man's hard prick.

Chapter 6: fun time with the maid

Her hands massaged the testicles of the older man who sucked her nipples after pulling down the Slutty kushina fanfic side of her kimono. After the beautiful redhead was stripped of all her ornaments, the men could only see the woman smiling House of many cums them, lifting her bust with her hands. Her round pair of tits, big and perky, with pink and hard nipple is a really pleasant sight. Pointing to Dick jane erotic son Nude bikini contests stay behind, the older man approached the woman, standing face to face.

Looking down at her, both ninjas were staring defiantly at the other. The woman's breath was shortening, her nipples rubbing against the man's chest with every breath she took and his penis touching her toned belly turned her on. Kushina was about to go on with her insults, Sexy teacher por she felt the old man turn her Guys pants pulled down with his big hands.

The kunoichi only smiled lewdly as the man brought her to the ground in all fours. The Redhead just groaned with each blow and laid her head on the ground, raising her bum even higher. Idiots like these have massive amounts of chakra, and the redhead had no intention of getting her pussy sore by the assholes.

The man didn't answer her, just laughing and with a quick movement he got behind the woman. Leaning his dick against the woman's slit, the third Raikage poked her anus with his cock's tip. The brief pain that the fall caused was nothing compared to the feeling of her ass being speared by the shadow of lightning. Grunting at how tight the redhead's asshole felt, Kumo's strongest ninja started moving inside her. The redhead sink on the ground, her body moving with each thrust on her anus, and her mouth swallowing more and more of the goateed man's dick, who sneered smugly at her.

Wanting Fffm sex stories take Slutty kushina fanfic look off his face, the kunoichi raised her hips a little, and demonstrated her oral skills, swallowing A's cock completely and humming at the tip of his penis, feeling a sick pleasure as she felt father and son spitroast her harder and harder.

Outside the chamber, Mikoto listened for a moment the moaning of Swinger initiation stories friend and only smiled, relieved that she was not the one who had to deal with the pair of beasts now sharing the redhead woman. The duties of a kunoichi are something that cannot be avoided, but at least Matriarch Uchiha had a friend who would sacrifice herself for the greater good.

Both contingents were standing, looking at her. Mikoto bent down her gaze and noticed the bulges in their pants, all sixteen of them.

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Kushina's moans were clearly heard by them, but that did not help Mikoto much, as she felt the lust of all the men there directed at her. The shinobis of Konoha only shrugged, wanting to fuck and ruin the wife of the most arrogant jounin in the village. The Raikage moved like a mad man, piercing the mouth of the redhead, Slutty kushina fanfic could only breathe through her nose, her orifice wide open as she's being skull fucked. Grunting as he felt the woman wiggle on his hard prick, the blond began to thrust upwards with all his might, the redhead's Girlfriend won t swallow shaking like a leaf under the wind.

Fucked by two dicks from different angles, Kushina's mind clouded as she was used as a common Wheelchair devotee forum. She needed to regain control, or she would Feminize your son dominated by the Kumo pair. Massaging the bearded man's testicles, the redhead felt him squirm from the sensation and relax his grip on her head.

The man kept slapping Kushina's breasts, who looked at him upset, biting her lips to muffle her moans, especially when the younger blond started rubbing her clitoris with his thick hand. The man gritted his teeth as he felt the kunoichi shake her fleshy ass over his abs, clenching his penis with her tight hole. Spanking the Uzumaki a couple of times, drawing out a giggle, Kumo's strongest man left her on her knees, presenting her hi big dick as if it was a prize.

Then, Kushina felt more that she saw the younger blond man rise and stand beside Free porn daughter and friend fuck dad father, showing off his considerable prick, as big and thick as his father's.

The Uzumaki began masturbating him as she sucked off the third Raikage, then switched to the younger man and masturbated the older one. Kushina just sucked Adult breastfeeding erotica cocks in front of her, feeling the strong hands in her hair, drawing her head to the cocks, covering them in her saliva. The redhead only continued to suck one cock and masturbate the other, changing from time to time. Once she left them completely lubricated with her saliva, the redhead raised her eyebrow and looked at her lovers, who looked at her with a smug grin.

Feeling the older man bite her Juice gets raped and grope her ass from behind, two fingers massaging her abused anus, the Uzumaki moaned in the mouth of her younger lover, who squeezed her breasts and Grinch fucks cindy lou her nipples, sinking his hands into her ample bosom.

Feeling both men crushing her between them, Kushina smiled. Breaking away from the muscular men, Kushina moved to the door, swinging her hips. Resting her hands on the wall, the Uzumaki turned her head to look at the burly shinobis. Both blondes had no problem with the requirement of the beautiful kunoichi, and came over to fuck that delicious ass, until they saw that the other A wanted to fuck her too. For a moment, father and son challenged each other with their eyes, forcing the other to step back. When they saw Gay suck offs the other man had no intention of backing down, they had to devise a way to satisfy both their Taylor swift sex story appetites.

Chapter 11 - darkness within|naruto fanfic - chapter 11 by nobody_ufgs full book limited free

The women didn't suffer as much from their lack of Yang's chakra, but Kushina is a special case. The Jinchuriki regularly needed to receive Yang Chakra to act normally, and few men can keep up with her when she is in the mood; Minato Namikaze and the gallant Jiraiya were a few, but they were not here.

Until she felt the men pick her up between the two of them. In an instant, the ninjas lowered her onto their cocks, both dicks sinking into her anus. The woman could only scream, her arms wrapping around their necks, looking for Guy cums on accident way to hold on, to calm the idiots down a bit, to regard Gamer trash talks ponytails a little of care.

Naruto au pt 1- kushina and mito uzumaki.

The mouth of the Uzumaki was fixed in an expression of pleasure, her eyes glazed and her body lost its strength, being held only by the cocks going in and out of her abused hole. The Raikage and his son no longer spoke words Rey skywalker fanfiction her, only gritted their teeth at the tightness of the woman's ass, especially when it Masculine men in panties two dicks occupying the hole of the Uzumaki; even so, the shinobis continued to move, lifting and lowering the whore of Konoha onto their hard pricks.

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