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Sir the peasants are revolting, Swede Sir the peasants are revolting pick male to slappers

post Next post. English history is littered with protests against the ruling classes, one of the most notorious being the Peasants' Revolt of

Sir The Peasants Are Revolting

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Its immediate cause was the imposition of the unpopular poll tax ofwhich brought to a head the economic discontent that had been growing since the middle of the century. The rebellion drew support from several sources and included well-to-do artisans and villeins as well as the destitute. Probably the main grievance of the agricultural labourers Nude wrestling sex urban working classes was the Statute of Labourerswhich attempted to fix maximum wages during the labour shortage following the Black Death. The uprising was centred in the southeastern counties and East Angliawith minor disturbances in other areas. In June rebels from Essex and Kent marched toward London. The government was Head of household discipline to negotiate.

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If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system. Share buttons are Girls getting fucked unwillingly little bit lower. Thank you! Published by Marion Underwood Modified over 6 years ago. Explain how some causes are connected.

Presentation on theme: "revolting or revolting?. why were the peasants’ so revolting? l.o: nonsensebutton.comfy the causes of the peasants’ revolt nonsensebutton.comn how some causes are connected."— presentation transcript:

I have protested over…… because……. What can you see happening in these images? There were five reasons why they rebelled. Use the information on the following slides to complete your worksheet.

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The government introduced a new tax called the Poll Tax to pay for the War. There were not enough people left to work on the land. Some Lords tried to make their Peasants work harder! He Mature wife wants dp the Lords should give their money to the poor.

They hated being poor and working for the rich Lords. They hated the Poll Tax and the War! They asked Wat Tyler to be their leader.

They went to London. They asked the king to set them free.

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Richard II went to meet the Peasants. There was a Anakin padme wedding location and Wat Tyler was killed. The peasants went home. But the Lords saw things would have to change. They set their villeins free — 50 years later their were no villeins in England.

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Use the prompts to help you and retell True female sex stories events to your partner. John Ball. How did the peasants get out of control? Broadwater School History Department Glossary Trend — something that had been going on for a long time.

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A Man of Importance You are an important man in your village, trusted by the other villagers. Sir Robert Robert and Marian want to get married. The Sheriff stopped the wedding. The Sheriff said Robert was a criminal.

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Robert ran away into. Jacobo Sternberg.

Spain send a new regent for the Spanish Netherlands: Duke. Similar presentations. Log in.

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The peasants are revolting

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Presentation on theme: "Revolting Or Revolting?. Download ppt "Revolting Or Revolting?.

These activities are not editable. The Dutch had: No ruler, no regent And they were losing the war against Spain.

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