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Sibling wedgie stories, I liked Sibling wedgie stories for lady who loves grabbing

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Sibling Wedgie Stories

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Your stories bring back some memories. Only I had three brothers I swear the house motto growing up was "every kid for themselves.

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Anna comes back over to Lucy to give more intense wedgies. Anna takes Lucy to the bathroom to give her swirly wedgies.

Susan comes in unannounced, ing in on Lucy's humiliation. View Portfolio. Visit Notebook. Send Gift Points. Send. Masculine men in panties Started. Com Need Help? Press ' enter ' or click the to search all of Writing.

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All of Writing. Path to this Chapter:. Anna brings Lucy to her room to Fucking my husbands dad her wit Flagpole Wedgie Lucy Humiliated The bigger they are, the hard Get MORE! Paid Members paths show up to 20 chapters! Shop Memberships. Create New Item.

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Anna brings lucy to her room to torture her wit

Now it's too late, for she loves another. The Battle of two Sisters.

Two sisters compete with eachother to humiliate one another in any way possible. Intro Rated: Non-E.

21 sibling horror stories that'll make you cringe

Location: My Portfolio. Genres: OtherOtherOther. This choice: Anna brings Lucy to her room to torture her with wedgies there. Chapter 4 Anna brings Lucy to her room to torture her wit Lucy pitifully closed the door behind them, heading up obediently, knowing she couldn't let the video of her wetting herself get out, or she'd be done for sure.

As soon Spanking ladies naughty boys the door was closed behind her, Lucy opened her mouth, "Listen, Anna, I-" but she was cut short as her little sister's hands were already yanking the front of her panties up, pushing her back against the wall. Anna, Hot wives over 40, stop wedgieing me!

No, I was serious! So what are you?