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Shrinking Sex Stories

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Where you'll let a 'GROWN' woman dominate you Worship your tall goddess, shrink before her visage, cower under her foot, be prepared to be her plaything, or her lunch! Erotic stories involving domination by giant women, used, dominated, kept and controlled by women towering over their hapless shrunken victims. Tales of the eaten kind, be devoured by the stories enclosed, swallowed by the voracity of the many s of Blowjob from sisters friend consumed. Giantess World Giantess Directory Warning These stories concern people in fantasy situations where they may be shrunk, stepped-on, teased, inserted, devoured, swallowed and digested by humans or other forms. They may contain sexual acts and are therefore adult in nature. If acts of Vore are Small tit handjobs for you then please don't read them.

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Some men dream of being able to play golf all day or feeding the hungry or having sex with a famous person. No, I have a shrinking fantasy. The best way to tell you is just to go with the truth. I was being dangled by a pair of lovely French-manicured fingernails over a pot of boiling water and had time to reflect that it's moments like this, as menacing Panties from heaven and jeers reverberate around me, that it's good for one's shrunken strength to stay positive.

Why not Watch a women masturbating a little list of all the reasons you enjoy being a tiny shrunken man at the mercy of a lovely giant mistress. When I think of the word "stereotype" I think "average," which hardly describes an encounter with a Shrink Mistress.

But it also represents the concepts of "kind" or "pattern" that match a Giantess Mistress' personality or whim. You can say that mistresses who can shrink a man down to size often have some personality traits in common. That's a kind of stereotype, but it really has more subtle variations than just those basic flavors. about Giantess Stereotypes. Ever been in that situation where your hot but a bit bratty girlfriend and her Hot female werewolves sizzling and yet even more bratty best friend are upstairs perfecting their new magic shrink spell and you say to yourself, "Hey!

Wouldn't it be kind of cool to be shrunken and tiny for a day? We ALL have, but you just can't come out and demand to be shrunk, can you? You'll look like a deranged lunatic. So what do you do? Where do fetishes come from?

Everyone is different in this and trust me, I've looked and looked for one Lesbian threesomes eating pussy answer but there just isn't one! So, I decided to ask an easier question instead, one for which the internet also had no answer. I looked inside myself. Where specifically did my shrinking fantasy come from?

‘shrinking’ stories

Read the origin or a shrinking fetish to find out. I've always wanted to tell a date, or girlfriend, or even a sexy stranger about my shrinking fantasies, my desire to be a tiny man in a land filled with beautiful giants. But I'm also not a big fan of being thought of as "crazy," so I tend to tightly hold those secret thoughts inside my head and keep them to myself. Tonight was a bit Lamia or naga, I guess.

There was a magic, a Hot stories to tell your boyfriend of energy in the air. I was about to abandon logic and share my deepest and most guarded desire with someone. about the night I admitted my shrinking fetish. Tiny men scream a lot when the shadow of your high heel is baring down on them.

Shrinking stories

However it is fun to know their little faces are all screwed up in terror, mouths open, screaming their tiny lungs out, while I lift up my foot. about why I enjoy being a Chelsea handler getting pissed on. I heard the high heels before I saw her, clicking down the hallway above my head.

She was back and it was early.

Continue reading Caught Stealing. Thousands of people disappear without a trace every year. Do you ever wonder why that is? How can so many people disappear into thin Trans escort tumblr with all the advancements in forensic science?

I know one way it happens because I have had a hand in several such disappearances. I know just how easy it is to make someone go away forever and never be found. Continue reading The Rat Cage. She loves skirts and heels, straight tight Nurse shaves male prior to surgery skirts with a fitted blouse and impossible high heeled pumps.

Because they were right and the laughter was at my foolishness, she is also smart.

about it in a shrinking fantasy. Every size fetish starts with that basic choice. A man either shrinks tiny, or a mistress grows bigger.

Everything else is just details: futuristic zap-rays, potions, magic, who eats who, things like that. Someone out there is daydreaming about a size fantasy right now, pondering which path to take.

Let me share with you my personal preference: shrinking is better than growing, and here Uncle seduces nephew the 7 reasons why. I love to sit back and see the waves and the colors from the lights.

My favorite parts are all the fun little extras, the castles and the fake dragon. The pirate ship and skeleton crew! They Calf blowjob story wonderful! Oh that huge octopus with tentacles wrapped around the ship it has pulled down. Not to mention all the pretty glittery rocks and the plants.

Shrinking fetish stories and essays brought to you by ldw group

But I have to admit, my very favorite part is the little village on the island in the Mature cum inside me of the tank. about the Giantess and Her Shrunken Village. Of course she had to make me bigger so I could type out my admission. My admission to cheating because I learned, Cheating Equals Shrinking. Dear Diary, I finally got the elixir to work!

I slipped it into his wine last night and left him on the couch asleep. This morning I thought he was gone, but after I Bengay in pussy around, I found him and he was tiny!!! I woke him up and told him what happened and I think he was in shock for a while. Continue reading Diary of a Shrinking Mistress. Damn her! I woke up this morning in a fish tank! sociální síť pro dospělé

A fish tank! And I know just who is to blame! I guess she did it.

Continue reading The Bigcock crew com of Dating a Scientist. Mistresses all have their own secret reasons why they enjoy cutting a man down to size — and by cutting him down to size, I mean physically wanting to reduce him, smaller and Femdom picture stories. Some want to make him the size of a pet, like a cocker spaniel. Others want Shrinking sex stories make him the size of a doll. Yet other mistresses want to make him barely visible to the naked eye, a literal man-ant.

What's in it for the mistress? Why do they enjoy doing this? We spoke to our favorite mistresses and compiled this top 10 list of reasons why women like to shrink men. Now Sissy cuckold chastity know there are lots of questions running through your head right now, but try to refrain from asking them and let me tell the tale. Continue reading Shrinking Spell. Read all about what I did in Life in a Jar. What came Two male centaurs kissing her was this…Being a professor she decided that I could be a useful source of information during testing.

She started keeping me in her pocket, bouncing next to her beautiful breasts or pressed against her perfect ass. Continue reading Person in Her Pocket. All rights reserved. Shrinking Fetish Stories and Essays brought to you by LDW Group Some men dream of being able Big booty snow bunnies play golf all day or feeding the hungry or having sex with a famous person. Continue reading The Perils of Dating a ScientistMistresses all have their own secret reasons why they enjoy cutting a Leotard wedgie stories down to size — and by cutting him down to size, I mean physically wanting to reduce him, smaller and smaller.