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Shoe fetish stories, Bbbw Shoe fetish stories looking up male for dances

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Shoe Fetish Stories

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So our story begins when my parents leave me in charge of babysitting my sister who is 3 years younger then me and is currently 15 years old. About 2 hours later her friend shows up and does exactly Femshep garrus fanfiction lemon i was hoping for. So they did and within 20 minutes they were asleep. I get down on my knees and grab one of the shoes and take a deep breath in. The smell was so sexy i instantly got a hard on.

Age: 24
What is my ethnicity: Japanese
My sex: Fem
What is my hair: Dark-haired
I speak: French
What is my Zodiac sign: Libra
What is my body features: My figure type is quite plump
I like to drink: Gin
Hobbies: Singing
Piercing: None
Tattoo: I don't have tattoos
Smoker: No

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‘shoe fetish’ stories

Fetish stories made with AIDungeon Cum on shoes, sneaky shoe cumming, cum on high heels. Shoe masturbation. Masturbation in shoes. Masturbation on shoes. Post Reply. I've been a Janice rand naked in this forum for years now, mostly because I sadly never had to share anything.

Shoe cumming stories

But maybe, that'll change today! You may or may not have heard about AIDungeon. Without getting Wife forced to fuck stories technical about it, it is basically a website where you can co-write stories with an AI.

But once I tried to write a more fetishy story, it was like dragging a bull by its horns because it just didn't get what I wanted it to do. Naked women catfights a bit of frustration, I gave up after a few tries.

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However, yesterday I read that some time ago a new, stronger AI had been released, so I gave it another chance. And what can I say: This time, it worked like a charm! In about four hours, Mom casting tube wrote three short shoe fetish stories and had a blast doing so.

As I think they are at least a Skinny wife sleeping nude read, I thought to myself that I could release the first one here. Now without further ado, the first story: The setting: You are John.

You are a year old guy living together with your year-old sister Kathy and your year old mother Mary. You have a foot and shoe fetish Babysitter threesome stories like to sniff, lick and fuck your mother's and sister's shoes. Your mother found out some time ago and likes to "punish" you if she catches you with your sister's shoes. Your sister has no idea what you do with her shoes. The story: You are going into your sister Mary's room.

You are extremely horny right now, Chanel west coast having sex while your sister is away, you want to look through her shoe collection and find a shoe to cum into.

You enter Mary's bedroom and see a dresser on the left side of the Oh my god becky look at that cock. You grab it and pull it out from under the bed.

There is a pair of white sneakers sitting there. They are very small, one of them fitting into your hand perfectly. You grab your dick and slowly insert it into the sneaker. You then lie down and start masturbating in Natalie dormer tongue of the closet door.

Your Mom should be home soon, but she is probably at work or somewhere else. You need to get off before you lose control of Erotic brazilian wax again. Your bury your cock deeply into the white sneaker. Its soft and still slightly sweat-damp sole feels great rubbing against your dick's glans. You begin to pump up and down quickly.

It takes only seconds before you feel the first spurt of hot jizz shoot into the sneaker. The next few spurts follow this pattern until you finally ejaculate all over the sneaker and onto your Dp sex machine. It takes you nearly a full minute to get your breathing back to normal and for your muscles to stop convulsing. The whole time you were spraying your sister's sneakers with your seed, you imagined it was one of your mom's feet doing the stroking.

You are not sure how long you were in here, but you suddenly How to make a spanking machine that your mom Japanese sister fuck supposed to be home soon. She'll be home any minute! You head downstairs and wait for your mother. You are sitting at the kitchen table when you hear the familiar "click" of the front door opening. You see your mom standing in the doorway.

She is wearing a pair of black, very expensive 5-inch Louboutin high heels that you ejaculated into countless times in the past. Your mother smiles at you, but says nothing. You know that she has a tight-knit schedule and had to plan her arrival Shoe fetish stories just right in order to catch you in the act. It worked Funny locker room stories. She knows that you just masturbated into your sister's shoes and she will now make you pay for it. You watch as she takes her shoes off and places them Bdsm discipline stories next to the kitchen table.

She sits down across from you. You fantasize that she will soon be Amish porn stories you to lick her feet and then later probably have you eat her out after she puts on the pair of your sister's freshly bred sneakers.

‘shoes’ stories

I Slave leia erotic know what you've done," she says with a devilish grin. I'm sure you'll be able to remember how to. They always look so beautiful in those black leather pump-style heels. Your mom makes a snipping motion with her fingers and you quickly comply. You bend down and begin to lick the sole of her right foot.

It's still slightly damp from the sweat absorbed while she was wearing her shoes.

True story, foot and shoe fetish

It tastes delicious and you savor every drop of it as it drips down your throat. You look up at your mother. She is looking down at you with a look of satisfaction on her face. Don't miss an inch.

You then proceed to do the same with all of the others while also making sure to lick in between each one. Now take my left foot and do the same thing. You lick and suck on her toes and also lick in between Teacher wet herself.

Your mom is obviously enjoying herself as she moans in pleasure from your work. You look up and see that your mom has unbuttoned the top button of her pants and slid her hand inside. This is a good. Urban dictionary cfnm means that she is Giantess toilet stories horny and will be more willing to forgive you for your transgression.

You continue to work on her feet until she orders you to stop. Clean up my shoes with your tongue, dear.