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Possessive vampire mate fanfiction, Aesthetically chica hunt Possessive vampire mate fanfiction friend to humiliation

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Possessive Vampire Mate Fanfiction

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Possessiveness is one of the traits of canon Edward that comes across so well in FanFic. Today we would love to share a few more Possessivewards with you and we would LOVE to hear about your favourites, so please share in the comments below! We have a special guest this week in PlanetBluethe Get hard bathroom stall scene author of one of our favourite stories here at Fan Fiction Fridays, Deviant. Cullen by Dariachenowith Osa Bella by Myg. On a personal note, I would like to thank PlanetBlue for single-handedly curing me of my fear of men with mustaches.

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So in honor of the humor day for Klaroline Fanfiction week, here is one of the drabbles I wrote. It would make better sense in context, but I think you can probably get the gist. This was it. The night. They had spent the entire weekend together after the whole Genevieve situation and had kept in almost constant contact since she returned to school. There were excellent colleges in New Orleans after all. Texts went flying back and forth. The tone became increasingly intimate. More details about life were shared and the level of flirting picked up.

She was caught sneaking glances at her phone in the middle of lectures. She was even Bully gets roundhouse kicked to ease Elena, Matt, and her mom into the idea that this Klaus thing was going to happen, for real Wearing moms panties stories time. Stefan was supportive, but wanted her to be careful.

Caroline suggested he come to Demon lust altar Orleans with her on her next visit to meet with Genevieve. Both felt guilty about what happened. Enzo was flirtatious with Caroline, but she had her eye on a different guy with an accent.

She was able to usually brush him off with a joke.

She could take care of herself and it was a non-issue. She had an October break and agreed to return to New Orleans. At this point she was ready to be exclusive with Klaus and her vampire instincts were pushing her to sleep with him again.

Mom son incest forum emotions and all that. Their day in the woods was spectacular so why was she denying what she wanted? For the Nathan dosed her time staying at the same hotel, she was racking up some good points on these trips, she showered and changed for her night out.

She made sure to throw her clothes into her suitcase since she planned on bringing Klaus back, not wanting to look like a slob.

I am the mate to the vampire king by damn it i love you

She preferred the hotel to his home, not ready to face Rebekah and Elijah the morning after. Putting the finishing touches on her makeup, she was ready for her date with Klaus. She was going to meet him for a romantic dinner. He really was Bottom slut tumblr fashioned sometimes.

She found a gorgeous blue Calvin Klein dress on sale. It was her color after all. Some simple black pumps would put her eye-level with him.

Her hair was down in soft waves. Underneath she had on a new La Perla lacy bra and thong set in lemon yellow. He picked her up Dad fucking sons girlfriend on time with a bouquet of white peonies. He Nude flight attendents her a kiss on the cheek and a searing look she felt down to her toes.

You look beautiful. I thought you might like these. She gave them a sniff and called down for a vase to put them in. They would make her hotel room a little less generic. While they waited for the vase, she was able to sneak some subtle looks at him. He wore Possessive vampire mate fanfiction gray suit with a white shirt. No tie. He smelled divine.

She wondered if he had some necklaces tucked under his shirt or not. Something to investigate later she thought with a secret smile. I was thinking we Guys getting caught jerking off take a bit of a walk and maybe grab a drink.

She thought that was a great idea, alcohol might settle her nerves, and they headed out after taking care of the flowers. Starting at the darkened hotel bar which was full of couples with similar plans to theirs, they began with champagne. He did that thing he always did which was look at her so everything else blurred.

There was some light conversation. Dinner went the same way. He loved watching the changing blue in her eyes in the candlelight. He tried his best to memorize her expressions for a painting.

He really could be incredibly charming and old world when he put in the effort. She loved seeing this side Fur fetish forum him which he shared only with her. She was ready to get back to her room, but was still nervous.


This was about the future, not about scratching an itch, although she had an itch he could scratch. This would be sex, maybe even making love, with admitted emotions involved. The French Quarter Women riding horses nude a weekend was a bit like Las Vegas.

It was full of energy, neon lights, and alcohol. Incest moms tumblr, excess. You know, Barebacking a prostitute usual. They made the walk, hand in hand, and found a clear area at the bar. A flash of yellow had the vampires in the vicinity taking a step back. An eye roll followed. Of course Cami was working. Did she ever get Maa ko chouda day off?

Klaus was ordering Crossdressers sucking bbc bottle of champagne when Caroline stepped off to the ladies room. This was her last chance to do a little touch up before they ended up back in her room. Klaus jumped up and had the vampire by the throat and off the ground even before her dead heart could beat again. He moved to stand between them.

Caroline looked over his shoulder to see who it was. What are you doing here? Learn some manners. Cami and Klaus gave her looks. Not breaking a sweat, Klaus kept Enzo in the air. He is my least favorite Salvatore after all. Klaus is being Klaus.

Go back to your gumbo and Hurricanes.

Next round is on him. Putting Enzo down, but keeping her behind him, he clasped his hands behind his back. Ever heard of me? King Shemales barebacking guys New Orleans. Original Hybrid.

She scooted around so she could at least be beside Klaus.