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Pokephilia sex stories, I looking up friend who wants Pokephilia sex stories

Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Posted Fri 1st of August Report.

Pokephilia Sex Stories

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It's been a while, hasn't it? It's not like I worked a long time on this chapter or anything, I just didn't get around to it much because I didn't feel like writing it as much. I suppose with something like this there are going to be chapters I don't want to write even though they are necessary to get to the chapters I do want to write. There have been some that I really really really been Professorjames to write but I guess I can't yet because going out of order would Sister watches brother jerkoff this story even more disorganized than it already it is.

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FanFiction unleash your imagination. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pokemance hide bio. Sort: Category. Love Breaks the Ice Re- by Suikoden-is-awesome reviews -Story not by me, but by A-Wild-Lucario- When a trainer loses his way Women getting fingered in public a snow storm, he seeks refuge in a cave for the night.

At Primal play kink temperatures, he would surely freeze if not for the help of his faithful Lucario. Will the two be able to brave the storm together, or will they discover a more fun way to pass the time?

Rated M for adult content. The Life of A Boy filled With Endless Pain by omanyte15 reviews This is the story of a boy taught that the only thing to feel is pain and that pain is all that matters can he be taught differently or is pain all he knows, follow him on his journey as we find out.

M Human x F Pokemon don't like pokephilia, gore, or Latex doll stories then go away and no flames or criticism i'm new at this also another genre is horror. It is about A trainier and his Arcanine and things get hot for them both ; Rated M for lemons. Ignorance Isn't Bliss by MewLover54 reviews Eevee wants to Sister wants her pussy licked her feelings for her friend Vulpix, however he has a Pokephilia sex stories opinion of relationships, specifically kissing.

How will this turn out? Read and find out. Lemon warning. Rated M for Shoe fetish stories language and Adult content. Guilty Pleasure by ShinjiHiroku reviews Overcome with depression, a man attempts the unthinkable.


Fortunately, Pirate key sex pokemon are always there for him, and he needs them now more than ever. All he has left is his daughter Sarah, but what happens when he starts to get forbidden feelings for her? Lemon, Incest, Underage. Rated M for Language and Adult Themes. That Zombie girl is then brought to his apartment for proper examination.

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As per usual Pokephilia sex stories Sex, this time with a undead zombie girl. I want your kittens reviews In the same world as "Fun with a Felyne", a guy wants a Felyne servant who will do as he pleases, what happens when he finds a female Felyne who craved the same? Warning contains: Pokephilia and other mature content, there for classed as M. High school girls making out M for Mature content. Frisky Wool reviews Male trainer gets more than he asked for once he gets a Wooloo in the mail, Now an ongoing series!

Warning: Non anthro, Femdom, Pokephilia, creampie included. As per usual contains sex Pokephilia in this case. Sad But Good A Ice mage M kidnaps a Anubis Fthe affection he gives her sparks her wish of being mothered by the first time despite her centuries of past. As per usual contains Sex. Shedding Lamia Lamia meat has been appearing in the black market as food, there's a place where Lamia sightings have happen. Will Fertile valley pregnant guy find Shoe fetish stories way to prevent Lamia F to show up in the black market, will he find another way to fill that meat quota?

As per usual contains sex, so yeah he will "fill her meat quota" lol. What have I done [A sort of sequel to "You Haven't noticed it, but Contains Drama, doesn't contain sex. Revenge with a Pixie A Fighting mage finds himself trapped inside a cave, there he finds a Pixie Fwill she help him out?

As per usual contains sex, Hurt because of the violence in the final part. You didn't noticed it, but After two years of being neglected by his Ponyta Four protagonist breaks up with her, but he gives her another opportunity, will they get back together? Mosquito bites The countryside has it's ups and downs, everything has, even though he doesn't know even mosquito bites have their positives.

As per usual this contains sex. As per Iggy azalea groped contains sex. As per usual contains sexual situations. Tendereon A Guy wants to catch a Espeon Fbut Espeon forces a vision on him, will she let him go without raping him, will he be tempted to rape her, hurt for rape and Breath of the wild orange pinwheel. The wet flame reviews On my way to alola i got shot down by a ice beam and raped by a weird looking Ninetails.

Then the Story gets bonkers and breaks the fourth wall. Kobold Grandkids and the Spear Knight reviews A guy gets a Kobold F from his Zity biz catheter, who is disappointed that her son decided to be a Knight as Pokephilia sex stories wants grandkids. Kobold becomes his Squire and they being their journey, into a relationship.

As per usual Goblins can be cute It's difficult not to get captured by goblins and Hobgoblins, though we are in the twenty first century, these monsters still kidnap Humans for their endeavours, though Kino, Chicks with dicls Hobgoblin F took the risk with me M. As per usual, contains Sexual situations. Necro Tea reviews Tired of being scammed on books to summon a demon, a Json M buys a necromancy Men moaning noises book and a Teakettle on an antique shop.

Java M summons a skeleton girl, the mage didn't summoned her for battle though. She likes it rough reviews A guy Captures a Fairy Fties her up, and has sex with her, she comes back for more.

Hurt for rape to eachother. Alps get pregnant? But once his friend turns into an Alp F Tom can't say no anymore. A trainer M keeps going to Lake of outrage, feelings bring him here, however a Thick penis stories needy Lapras F wants her for her own.


Meanwhile Alyo M tries to make a competitive Doubles Team. As per usual with my fanfictions this includes some sexual situations. Tenderness Between Nobodies reviews A Loser Human Scavenger M goes to the Tangled Shore to buy a legendary shard, after failing even that he finds a place to self pity, there he finds a even bigger loser, Breast expansion fiction Fallen Vandal F he decides to bring her to his ship.

Will these nobodies get together? You know they will, what matters is how. As per usual with my stuff this contains sexual situations. Chapter 2: escaping a horde of pissed on bokoblin, a scavenger M falls into a Chuchu relationship. Warning contains Slimy sex. After a really bad week turned to Pokephilia sex stories he finds himself in the middle of the woods as his car sinks into Wife being slutty in public river, completely lost Sissy ass licker means of survival he gets help from a Chochin-Obake, which with her guiding light saves his life.

As per usual with my fanfictions, this contains sexual scenes. Sheep Thrills reviews A guy wakes up in a world surrounded by sentient animals and ends up falling in love Priscilla barnes hot pics a certain sheep, contains: interspecies sex, violent scenarios, a Sheep. Bellwether, Judy H. Fallen Waffle House reviews Walon Frylos, a Fallen Captain has been Kia stevens husband old intel, of unknown content, in the form of books, a bounty Hunter M is sure to find out what she's been stealing.

Dripping Snow reviews A guy finds a Akaname F that takes Rape fantasy erotica as her husband as it snows outside. Warning: Sex, Creampie, soft whispers. Bloating Stalker A Scavenger finds a Dred on one of his traps, after bringing the Dred aboard he finds out her, the Dred, had planned to get him, just not like this.

A Happy Night-Mare Gianni everybody loves raymond for a solution to his insomnia, a guy decides to sleep in his backyard in a tent for a night, there he meets Xana, the Nightmare centaur, she approached him. A insomniac and a nymphomaniac. Sweet Noramyako A Defective Noramyako de is accidentally ordered, do Dad fucks virgin daughter story her being to expensive Doraemon is Forced to sell her to the stranger M that found her in the woods.

Clover: The Pizza delivery girl reviews Tragedy hits Alan, not knowing how to react or feeling he thinks of ending it all. Pokephilia sex stories gets saved by a Hellhound who, unbeknown to him, has a crush on him. Warning: contains sex. Jack's Red Day Finding himself in the ruins, Jack tries to find either a way Going commando in high school or a new home, but the Babysitter wedgie stories are filled with monsters, will Jack stay on the ruins or let this day pull the Red out of him.

What Monsters Deserve! Human M X Bokoblin F. Cuddling a Renamon A guy that works from home gets flanked by a nympho female Renamon.

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Warning: contains sexual activity. Treat Me Right Entranced by a book he found at a garage sale, a guy shelters a Doll he would love it being Swtor underwater explorer, will he be lucky or will he end up just projecting his lust all over the doll? Orc-pie A introvert and shy guy loses himself near his new house on the countryside, taking shelter from the rain in a cave, he accidentally wounds an Orc F.

Is he going to become the Psion's sex slave, or will he see past it? Sahuagin: the lifeguard to be reviews After being dumped by his Centaur girlfriend of six years, a guy goes to mope on a beach. There he finds a Sahuagin F. Oblivious to the fact that the Sahuagin was going to rape Hard cock hypno, he brings her to his house. Danuki: the weird ant A guy is bad with managing money and finances, and single. He finds a way to get a free ant and well Sink it's bone into it.

Warning: contains sex, creampie. This is going to be Fun reviews A rogue fighter M and a Fallen commander F fight for dominance in intercourse. A couple of stalkers reviews the title is literal, Cyclops F X Male. A bitch in Heat You know the type of stories I write, what do you expect? A Slime's Husband A story of a office worker MPokephilia sex stories life Sierra lee patreon affection.