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Piss Enema Stories

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A Sister in Need Posted Fri 23rd of August Report. Introduction: This work of fiction is mine and is not to be copied without my permission, first time writing a story please keep comments positive or constructive, I don't condone incest which is why this is a work of fiction so Friends with benefits apartment don't call me a sick pervert I have no control over what gets me horny and I can safely assume that neither do any of you.

Be warned this story contains incest, anal, watersports, and enemas if none of this is your bag or any of it for that matter press back Gay nifty urination, you have been warned.

Piss enema stories

This work of fiction is mine and is not to be copied without my permission, first time writing a story please keep comments positive or constructive, I don't condone incest which is why this is a work of fiction Femdom picture stories please don't call me a sick pervert I have no control over what gets me horny and I can safely assume that neither do any of you.

Now lets start with looks thats how all of these start right, Anyway I will start with me, Jack, first I am 16 years old, 6'2'' and Piss enema stories Lbs a little on the muscular side with a alright sized dick at 7 and a half inches but I have a good girth to it, I like Dark sibling love fanfic keep it well trimmed down there cause I figure if I like it on a girl they probably fell the same way basically I am as average as one guy can get even in the looks department just plain Embarrassing dare stories.

My sister Carrie on the other hand is a knockout by anyones standards, 19, lbs when dripping wet, about 5'7'' I think, and a perfect set of 36C tits yeah I checked her bra who wouldn't and when I say perfect good lord do I mean perfect I accidentally walked in Piss enema stories her in the shower once Panty gagged women they were perfect, her ass is also a great assets to say the least if you have ever seen here in tight jeans you would agree.

Now lets get to the damn Dp sex machine already, It started on Christmas vacation me, my sister and my parents always go to our cabin for Christmas vacation for as long as I can remember, and it is a pain let me tell you, 4 hours in a car with my bitchy sister will make anyone in their right mind consider killing themselves or her, The cabin is nice though 70 year old cougars you get there, its very private, one road in and out and its surrounded by endless forest the newrest town is a 30 minute rive in good conditions and we had been lucky every year going there to never get snowed in…….

So after the "lovely" 4 hour drive we get there and are unloading the car, and my dad was already peeving out on my mom and soon enough it was just me and miss happy unloading Old horny pussy car so I tried to start up a Truth or dare stories embarrassing with her, God knows why I knew how it would end.

I then received an expected phone call Coc goo armor my parents telling me they were stuck in town and might not get back tonight and more than likely they would be stuck in town all week from what the forecast was telling them, they told me White knight dominant to worry if the power went out they had the emergency generator stocked with gas before we came up and there was enough to last the storm.

So I begrudgingly climbed the stairs to my stairs to tell her the bad news I knocked on her door and received no answer so I opened the door and saw she wasn't there, I heard a noise from the bathroom so I figured she must be in there.

I knocked on the door Girl arm wrestling break said…. Did you go through my stuff too? So thats how things went for the first couple of days, we made sure Submissive crossdresser tumblr neither of us had to talk or see each other for more than a few seconds at a time and snow never let up night or day. Finally on the third night as I was laying down in my room reading and eating a hot pocket I heard a light knocking at my door, I knew it was my sister after all who else could it be but after 3 days of not speaking I had softened up a little so I said….

I jumped off the bed and said, Chick with dick fucks girl Whoa is everything ok, go ahead tell me whats wrong" She sheepishly looked at her feet and said "I kind of have a problem and its kinda why I have been treating you like crap" I moved closer and hugged her as she started crying again, "go ahead tell me whats wrong I am sure I can help" "its not easy to say……" she said between sobs "I can't help if you don't tell me whats wrong Cass" I responded "Ok Piss enema stories reason mom and dad went to town for me was to get me stool softeners and an enema kit cause I am constipated" she responded and immediately burst into hysterical tears I knew at this point she must be in a lot of pain Home made movie tubes that was three days ago and I hadn't heard her flush Piss enema stories the bathroom it was right next door to my room "Ok well Cock too big stories am not sure how I can help here Cassie I mean I will look around Men sucking ladyboys see if there is an enema kit or some stool softeners Let-me-taste-youandlick-it-clean in the house.

She looked up at me and I Girl laxative story instantly she wasn't kidding around. Well obviously I was hard, chances were I would need to be for this anyway, so I hesitantly started taking my clothes off. I got as far as my boxers before I stopped in embarrassment.

Piss enema story

Cass was staring at me and noticed my embarrassment, "go on Jack its not like I haven't seen you hard before" I was shocked I asked, "when did you see my hard on" Cass kinda smiled and said,"well Jack you aren't exactly quiet when you are jerking off and I was curious so I kinda peeked at you once" Once again I was shocked, but I knew she was right cause I could get quite loud when I got near climax, so I finally stripped off my boxers and revealed myself in all my glory to my sister Cassie's eyes got huge and she said"What!?!

I lubed up my dick and started inserting a finger in her ass when she stopped me and asked…… "what the fuck are you doing, this doesn't require you to finger my ass" "Cass this will hurt like a Crossdress self bondage if I don't loosen you up a little" I replied Swipe drunk love barstool bent over again and I Milf pulls a train putting the first finger in again, I got the first one all the way in and was starting to work it back and fourth for a minute or so before I started inserting my second finger.

She was starting to come down from her orgasm when she asked in a kind of embarrassed voice, "I am so sorry Jack I just couldn't hold back, am I ready now? As she was orgasming her ass muscles clenched down so hard all my thrusting motions were instantly stopped, I noticed what sounded like a hose or something and looked between us and noticed she was cumin so hard that she Piss enema stories squirting all over the floor of the bathtub.

I just couldn't resist so I reached under us and started rubbing her clot…. I gently stroked her hair till I noticed she had lost control of her bladder and was peeing all over herself and me, I expected to be grossed out but I realized that it was kind of turning me on and that was making my dick hard Girl masturbating during class, so I made no effort to readjust out Women flashing while shopping her gentle and warm stream of urine running over both of our legs.

She gently stirred and asked'"did you already go is this your pee, oh my God are you hard again I don't think I could do that again?

When I was done we just layer there awkwardly for awhile Woman flashing tits we both fell asleep with my dick and piss still Girl fucks mans ass her ass. I was awakened by Cassie pulling off of my and grabbing me up and pushing me out the door…. I heard an audible "Ahhhhh" as I walked away to go make us something for us both to eat So after another couple of awkward days the snow finally let up and mom and dad were finall able to come back and Piss enema stories round us up for the ride home.

It was on the ride home were my thoughts finally caught up with me and I felt more than my fair share of guilt over what we had done, it was Buffy and angel fanfics my third time for mentally kicking myself that my older sister must have realized that I wasn't alright and she leaned over and whispered "Jack you have nothing to be ashamed about I needed your help and you helped me thats all" "But Cass what about the other stuff, you know when I fucked you in the ass" I whispered back Deanna troi tits hard to forget that part Jack" she replied I silently laughed at that I really don't think my mom and dad would have gotten the joke Hot babes lap dancing I can't have you all worried, after all the next time we do it I expect the same treatment"She said with a sly grin It took me a second for the words to sink in"You mean you want to do that again?

Please rate this text:. Anonymous reader Report Well that was I get that it was your first story but come on man, you could've read it over before posting it.

Carrie spontaneously becomes Cassie? You completely forgot punctuation for a good portion of it.

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You didn't really work out the mechanics of what was going on and never, I mean ever You are not logged in. Characters count:.

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