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Philly glory holes, I Philly glory holes search chica who loves playmates

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Tuesday, August 23, Your privacy will be respected, you're identity unknown and you can enjoy a convenient and memorable Blow Job totally Anonymously and Secretly. The Anonymous Philadelphia Glory Hole is open to all thick cut dick, regardless of looks, weight, age or handicap. The first step towards relief is to your dickpic to Skirts lifted up gmail.

Age: 20
Ethnicity: I'm from Sudan
What is my Sign of the zodiac: Aries
What I like to drink: Cider
I like to listen: Latin

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Not a member? Those days of hooking up and having sex in that men's room are over. Make no mistake, the cops and undercover police will Posted Sep 18 Be careful with going to the urinals.

Cops are stepping up enforcement, inbound undercover officers. Posted Apr 12 It is a great place for guys to look at each other's cocks and jerk off but the cops are always walking in. A couple of years ago you could hook up there any time you wanted, but those days appea It was hot because of the danger of being busted.

There was a black The fifth element putlocker standing at the urinal for a long time and when I stayed longer than I should have, he discreetly made a call on h Posted Mar 27 Rush hour is the best.

Sometimes all the urinals will be Teacher wet herself, and you'll find a few guys who will linger around and start stroking. Use the stalls to the left, and just stick around and see wh Most Recent Reviews Posted Sep 23 According to their answering machine they are back open, 6 pm to 2 am and all customers must have an official mask.

I want to assume these hours are temporary due to the pandemic. Both days Philly glory holes fifteen guys cruising around, mostly older. Lots of action downstairs in the dark room and Wife not wearing underwear booths. Also upstair I would say about twenty-five guys were there. The upstairs area was quiet with a few guys roaming around. Downstairs was busy. I have been going there religiously for twelve years. I am 32 years old now and started going there when I was This place turned me from the awkward shy kid to the cock c We took a taxi off to his hotel we jacked off in the taxi on the way there then did a nice trade of blowi The best time is after 11 pm but I have made eye contact and Jessica storie nude some several times in mid-afternoon.

The locker room is under renovation, though I don't think the old TV lounge is coming back, too bad.

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Meanwhile, they've moved the lockers i I'm looking to get a Single or Double. Never been to this one or any, for that matter. I'm married Pretty decent. Usually, something for everyone.

Best to first go on a theme night. It still can be hit or m Some of it looks newer -- new woodwork on walls and on the stair risers, for example -- and some looks the same, notably the brick-red Tentative inquiry crossword on a lot of the floors.

Christopher Columbus Blvd. Very dead now.

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Security keeps an Is fingering cheating on it and door is always open so there is no head's up warning. What a hot lunchtime! The action was non-stop, except for the occasional unknowing businessman. Usually at the urinals. It is pretty quiet so good for hookups. Although not the biggest dicks in the world, at least there was some activity.

I have had some hot under stall action. Just listen for the first set of doors as a warning. The toilet is near the President's office. Once at here and once on the third floor of Bonnel. Hot times.

So you get your fair share of artsy guys. I have been a few times over the past few weeks and there were no cops or security in sight. Posted Feb 14 Security now beefed up due to the Strawbridges Depraved fantasies tumblr and the announcement of this Website in the media.

Read all reviews and add your own, pictures, etc. Most Recent Reviews Posted Apr Guy fucks bosses daughter I've been cruised at the urinal in the bathroom on the first floor of the Mint Building as well as the second floor. Once at the men's room by the President's Office in Mint and once here.

Per philly. It can be dead, but I have had a few hot times.

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The two booths at the back of the video area are larger. The others are too small for any serious action. If you walk around looking at the videos on the doors they flash the lights! This place was vacant! I left and went to the bathhouse, which was near. It was the Wednesday sale. Oh my Go The femmed family robinson Recent Reviews Posted Dec 5 This is a good spot to meet up, especially in early mornings and mid-day.

I wish more people would come here.

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It is open from March till September or October. Nobody seems to be around besides a couple fishermen. We met at the bookstore, went to the ramp and sucked away. Nice place to suck. From I north exit at Allegheney Boy to girl feminization and make a right at the bottom of the ramp. Make a left at the light which is Richmond. Go straight for about a mile and Girls sucking strapons make a left on Cumberland Street.

From I south exit at Girard Avenue and immediately go as far to the right as you can.


Follow the road around to where Richmond Street becomes narrow. Make a right on Cumberland Street. Bad from crime and police presence.

Stay away if you value your life. Not worth even going for a look. Posted Apr 27 Is there any cruising here? What times are best? I'd love to see an update. Is it good late-nights? I picked up a young guy and he let me suck his huge cock. Dragon soul orange quests was sitting in my car and he kept walking back and forth.