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Midnight Mistress Pulling Forum

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Even my putty knife

Age: 54
Available to: Guy
What is my sex: Girl
What is my hair: White
Smoker: Yes

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ed Jan 12, I'm curious and ignorant about this. How are dual or multi-engines hooked together?

Do they all have separate clutches, with output shafts somehow ed together after the clutches? Are the crankshafts hooked solidly together before the clutch, so Wife cheated while i was deployed all must run at the same RPM? Is it common to hook up one crank flywheel flange directly to another crank front snout, if the two engines are inline this would make a V, I'd think??

Or, does anyone build a rearend with two or more pumpkins inputs? Thanks much, folks.

Oh brisket, you fickle mistress

ed Apr 21, Some multi-engined tractors run the motors hooked crank to crank. They have a coupler bolted in place of the flywheel that is splined and a coupler that fits Wifes niece cum in place of the damper pulley that is splined, and they slide together.

Kinda hard on the crank that has Forced male nudity stories take the power of both motors! On the newer built tractors, all the engines are mounted separately and have their own clutch and are bolted to a crossbox, that transmits all the different engines power to the single planetary rearend. They generally put out hp per motor, so a four engined modified pulling tractor has approx 10, hp give or take.


There have been a few Ford powered ones over the years too! You can go the Midnight Mistress web for more info on pulling.

ed Mar 6, ed Sep 3, Permanent bondage stories I can;t even Imagine the maintence that thing must take!!! I have a tough enought time keeping up with 1 motor and 1 trans!!!!!

ed Feb 24, Dude, that just looks like fun. I'm with dfree, that's some maintenance to do there, but I swear I would use that thing to mow my lawn just for yucks. I'm glad this question was asked because I have always wondered the same thing but never thought to Little sisters sex stories any research on it.

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