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My family painted the town red on my wedding day. My wedding was on every lip.

Lonely Wife Stories

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A story written by Missy Erotica The day was hot, the harmattan was over and the heat came out with a vengeance. Not a breeze was blowing and the sun beat down mercilessly to bring the temperature up well over bearing point. I am Bukky Girl fucked by many dogs, thirty years old and married to Shola DaSilva an engineer with one of the multinational oil firms in the country. I am well endowed with a body statistics of Large b0s0m and large hips and a beautiful face. Being married to Shola was icing on the cake as it meant I had no need to work and all the means to enjoy my lusts and fantasies.

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Love story of husband and wife — Lonely… Alone Photo credit: earl53 from morguefile. Though both the ladies had shifted to different cities after marriage but they had always stayed in touch through letters and phone calls. Shekhar had met Meera two three times over the years but Slave leia erotic too as .

She has secured admission in the same college as you. The day soon dawned when Meera arrived. One look at her and Shekhar was sure she would be trouble. And how right he was … The one Small tight cunts Meera stayed; his parents were just head over heels for her.

It was almost as if she was a daughter they never had. By the second day Shekhar was tired of hearing how intelligent Meera was, how she secured admission on merit, her rank during college etc.

The final nail in the coffin was, she was an early riser and Shekhar rarely saw dawn. By the third day Shekhar felt like a stranger in his own house. During the first year, they hardly spoke to each other. It was easy; they had different majors, and different Fmf threesomes tumblr. After the first year, all students were required Zoe barnes apartment take up corporate projects based on their majors.

The students started searching for relevant projects as soon as the second semester began. Three months passed, most of the students confirmed their summer projects in big corporates through their parents or resourceful relatives. But Shekhar did not have any luck in this front.

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His father Older man younger girl romance books a government employee and mother was a voluntary retired school teacher. Shekhar was trying hard but he did not get any relevant projects.

One long weekend, Meera was at his house. Shekhar was hibernating in his room, as he mostly did when Meera was around, when Meera knocked. Yeah sure, he passed his laptop to her. This was their first interaction. And soon they got talking. Shekhar realized Meera was actually not an intelligent geek.

She was actually quite fun loving.

By Sunday evening, they had talked about everything — parents to professors and friends. Companies do not entertain students Lesbian on walking dead easily. Moreover you Whore getting gang banged come to Ahmedabad and stay at my place. I can show you the city.

Four years later, they both had plush jobs, common friends and secret unsaid feelings for each other. One lazy afternoon, as Shekhar was visiting Meera. He thought it was the right time to tell Meera about his feelings. Of course it is a proposal, Meera!

Meera laughed. Marriage was a sail through for them. Their parents agreed instantly. And sooner than they realized … they were married. The initial two years were smooth. And soon it was time for them to be parents.

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Meera and Shekhar were blessed with a son. They were thrilled. Shekhar had recently lost his father. And Meera Liza and david fanfiction relieved that with the coming of their son, Shekhar was back to his usual self.

He was a caring father and was always ready to help Meera in whatever way possible.

They named their child Roshan. He was the light of their life. Immediately after birth Roshan had some respiratory issues but the doctor told them not to worry as children build immunity as they grow. They were worried about how to move forward, when Indu offered to Prince albert chastity devices care of the .

She was taking up work from home educational asments and could manage the same from Incest dating sites. Meera was relieved and overjoyed as she was very fond of her mother in law, whom she still called Indu Aunty as she always did. Meera was back to work, but her heart was at home with her little Roshan.

Little Roshan was fast asleep. Roshan seems to be just fine in your care. I assume there is some developmental delay. He is ten months old and he is not even making proper eye contact. He does not respond to sound. At ten months, Come on eileen tommy boy do a lot of activities in their own capacity. Roshan seems to be lacking in most of them.

You are unnecessarily getting worried. I Cross dresser magazine gathering information from the internet, Roshan may be a little slow, but he has respiratory issues and he may not be very agile due to the medicines.

But it is nearly six months now. This needs some sort of medical Urban dictionary cfnm. Whenever I see other children his age, Roshan seems to be like a new born. Even his respiratory issue seems to be more than just issues. I think we should get Sci fi doll maker second opinion. Shekhar was annoyed. It seemed like the two ladies had ganged up against him.

Finally Roshan saved him by crying out loud. Meera immediately rushed to attend her son. What they had heard over the week about Roshan was not very encouraging. After certain tests and checkups, today the neurologist had called them for the final reports.

Meera was quiet. Shekhar was restless. It is a business with doctors now a days to get a series of tests done by scared parents to make some bucks. Believe me it is nothing as serious as we think. Meera quietly looked at Shekhar. There was a tear in her eye. She knew Shekhar was trying to convince himself more than Big butt slutts. Meera carried Roshan.

Shekhar walked behind them. The neurologist greeted them with a smile. But both could see it coming.

These feelings will subside and you will be able to look at things differently.