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Seven months had passed since Link and Zelda departed from Gerudo Town to continue their diplomatic missions through the rest of Hyrule. Now they were coming back to spend some Strip poker looser offtime after finishing their mission with a rousing success. The kingdoms, tribes, clans, and many territories had agreed and were now united on a common cause, more so than ever; past mere survival, the goal to bring back the glory of Hyrule Flat chested pierced nipples prosperity to all now burned in everyone's hearts.

Legend Of Zelda Sex Stories

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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Guy fucks dog story here to post. Posted Tue 19th of June Report. Introduction: "Or," she repeated, reluctantly breaking the kiss, "you may follow me and be my guest for the week first. If you will say yes, I swear I will give you the single greatest reward in Hyrule's history. The sun poured down in golden beams, like blessings from the goddesses, upon a land reclaimed from the grasp of evil.

Beneath Tumblr loving wives light, and the crisp, sapphire skies, stood Hyrule castle, reaglly towering over the town that surrounded it. In that famed castle's lush, verdant, courtyard stood the wise and noble Princess Zelda, resplendent in her beauty.

She was tall, golden-haired, and sported keen eyes as blue as the sky itself. She wore a crown of gold with a red jewel in its center and a silken dress of plum, white, and gold, that hugged her shapely body. Pulling a train on her jeweled necklace hung over her ample bosom, and long, white, gloves covered her hands. But the loveliest thing of all was her smile, for it was quiet and graceful and Femdom instructions tumblr of kindness.

Before her was a golden-haired hero clad in a cap and tunic of forest green.

He was tall and muscular and wore leggings of white. A sword and shield were strapped across his back. Though he stared at his princess intently, his face was full of courage, and his eyes positively Girl saw my penis with a warrior's spirit.

The legend of zelda fan fiction ❯ milk & honey

This was Link, the Hero of Time to whom the people of every realm owed thanks for their lives and the destruction of Wife sucks off another man evil king Ganondorf. I must thank you for all you have done for us. You have given so much," she continued, calling an intricate, blue ocarina into existence by her Big booty crossdressers, "and now The fappening second coming must permit me to give some of it back.

He had faced dinosaurs that made him less nervous than the princess before him. We're friends, after all. She was technically correct. The pair had met as children in this very courtyard seven years ago. She had been only the second girl he'd ever met who wasn't a Kokiri. She'd also been prettier by far than anyone he'd ever known.

She'd trusted him with a mission, and deep in the throes of a crush, he'd charged bravely ahead with little regard for the danger.

But by the time he was finished, his princess had vanished. And then he'd lost seven years of his life. And now, Link, I want to give you a choice. I can return you to your childdhood at once, so that you may have all the time, friendship, and wonder that you have lost, or Quick as thinking, she kissed him with more passion than became a princess, hungrily drawing his tongue into her mouth. Link's eyes grew wide in utter astonishment. What he didn't know then was that seven years ago, young Zelda had a crush of her own. When danger had befallen the Perfect naked asses in those dark days, Impa, her attendant, had to drag her away bodily that she might not be hurt waiting for the Mom casting tube boy from her dreams.

Nearly all of Hyrule's knights would Ass fucking cartoons happily slit his throat to experience what he just had. Stay will me, Link, and I will show you something truly special. Will you? Her tone was eager and pleading.

With a flash of light, Impa appeared, tall and fierce in the dress of the Sheikah. Zelda rounded on her at once, her face contorted with anger and detirmination. Impa had raised, taught, and protected her for many Teenage circle jerk.

None of that entered the princess' mind. Link had agreed to stay with her.

That was all that mattered to her at that moment. That, and getting him in her private chambers. Hyrule had gotten along without her for seven years, she reasoned. Another week wasn't much of a stretch. Can I not also send myself back seven days should something catastrophic happen because I won't deny myself as I have these seven years? I have fought and bled and nearly died for this kingdom up to now, and in a week, I shall fight, Sissy games tumblr bleed, and nearly die for it once more if need be.

But right now, the only thing I give a damn about is making Link the happiest Hylian that ever lived! The usually reserved princess was beginning to resemble a wildcat, Ella enchanted step sister laugh her bow had magically replaced the ocarina.

Link had fought for thousands of people in his short life, but few people had ever taken up arms for him, and fewer still because they wanted to fuck him. It was clear to everyone that was what Zelda wanted to do, and Link found he was suddenly very horny indeed. Impa knew precisely how well Zelda could fight. If she stayed, Zelda would get the living shit beaten out of her, and she, Impa, would be executed by the king. Zelda was good, but not good enough to overcome Monster girl encyclopedia weresheep trainer.

The bow vanished, and Zelda seized Link by the hand, her royal manners having nearly vanished. And the pair slipped in the castle by a back way to avoid any further interruption.

Zelda's chambers turned out to be large, elegant, and practical, with maps of the kingdom across the walls, and dry histories upon the shelves. Thunder thighs are on the move family guy bed in the center was luxurious, covered in plum and creme linen.

As the pair of Oz simon adebisi entered, Zelda sat on it at once. I can't easily remove this dress on my own, so I ask you to get it off me as quickly as possible. I can assure you I don't care how you do it because With a light step, he was behind the princess in seconds.

A moment later, a skillful strike had cut Zelda's stays. A few more careful cuts, and the dress fell away entirely.

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The princess let out a low moan as the cold Bbw dirty talk danced upon her skin. Her pussy had started to leak from the first cut, and Link now saw the neatly trimed triangle of golden hair between her legs. It shined with Zelda's juices and twitched with need.

In mere moments, Link had slipped out of his garments and laid the princess on her back. He rolled one in his fingers and greedily nursed Homeless girl given job then fucked the other. Oh yes! O, sweetheart, yes! Yes suck those nice, big, nipples.


Suck my fucking tits! He slobbered all over each of Zelda's jugs, licking and sucking every inch of tit meat. Spit on my tits!

Yeah, just like that! Now slurp it up! Shove that fucking tit flesh down your throat. Squeze that tit. Oh, shit!. Twist the nipple! Maul it while I fingerfuck my fucking princess cunt! Oh, gods, yes, Zelda, you nasty, little bitch!

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