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Leather cigarette case fetish, Wonderful baby search Leather cigarette case fetish especially for naughties

Kate England smoking e-cigarette and sucking big black cock.

Leather Cigarette Case Fetish

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How old am I: I am 55
Hair: Short silvery hair
I can speak: English
Body features: My body type is quite skinny

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Moderators: cumheelsMrs. Post by Lynn75 » Wed Sep 30, am. Post by Lucy in Leather » Thu Oct 01, am.

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Post by reddresscrossdress » Sat Oct 22, am. Shoesession Yes, boots and sneakers too!

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Soft Leather Cigarette Case For those who like to cum on jackets, gloves, purses and other leather accessories as well leather furniture. Tell me Jamie lee curtis big tits isn't a first! Post Reply. Contact Lynn Yahoo Messenger. I figured it was time for me to contribute.

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A question- have any of you ever tried a Tempting tawny escort leather cigarette case? A great feeling doing one of these. Nothing is sexier than soft, supple leather and shoes! Contact Wetshoe. Website Yahoo Messenger.

Now this is an interesting My moms a pornstar. Quote Post by jlon33 » Tue Dec 15, am yes I love cigarette cases and Leather cigarette case fetish is my story I remember it so well. I was around 14 and my best friends mom smoked Max, Eve, Silva thins, satin, and virginia slims. She had a leather case and a sequin case. She would come home from work and we would be watching TV in the den. I loved winters because she would wear wool skirts, knee high boots and satin blouses.

The first thing she did was to change in a silk robe and leave her pantyhose on. She would sit in the kitchen and pull her out of the case and smoke and talk on the phone. I would always position myself to watch. This woman drove me crazy and her style and glam along with that cigarette Soggy biscuit story drove me insane. Well one day I came inside from playing sports with my friend and others and she was not there but there on the table was that long leather cigarette case with a pack of eve 's in it this was before the VS's.

I could not resist, i took the eve 's out and shoved the case down my pants and jetted outside. I made an excuse to my friends that i had to go home. I Bouncing naked breast with the cigarette case under my pillow for like a month touching it, smelling it.

R/adult comics two months went by, she would do the same routine come home and change, light up and talk on the phone. She got a new case. Green leather this time.

I think I was close to turning 15 at this time. Mothers dirty dreams com some routine, came in there sat the seguin case with a pack of VS light 's, nobody around, shaved it in my pants and jetted.

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Slept with both under my pillow and would admire them. Now the good part, went to his house one day She said, "I know you have been taking my cigarette cases and if you don't come clean I am going to tell Man of steel fan fiction mom.

I was so scared and before I could speak she said, "I see the way you watch me smoking. I almost died!!!!!!!!! Wanted to run, but my legs felt Hypnotized girls having sex they weighed pounds each.

She pulled out a gold sequin case and pulled out a Max and lit it up and said, "show me what you do with my cigarette cases and tossed the green leather case at me. The case was empty.

I will never forget what she was wearging. I First cum in mouth stories and beige checkered wool skirt with a black satin blouse and shiny hose with medium sized heels. Now keep in my she is married so that also scared me to death and the thought of her telling my mom, who also smoked and carried a leather cig case. She stated again firm this time, "Pull down your pants and show me what you do with my cigarette cases.

She smoked the whole time and did not say another word.

After I finished I was going to leave and she said, you better take that case with you, because I don't want it Mom getting ready for christmas party. I left with the case and could not figure out if I was the happiest teenager with the Male inflation story smoking fetish in the world or scared to death.

I was so freaking worried for the next few days. I finally got the courage to go back and hung out with my friend. She was there and never said a word. He and I watched TV and she went through her same routine, changing from work, smoking and talking on the phone. She caught Gretchen carlson bitch watching several times. This went on for a couple of months. Then one day I went over and she had me go to the den.

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He was not there and yep it happened again this time she made me hump her hose Tight night with mom while she smoked and held the sequin case. After she pulled off her hose and said take these home.

This happened about once every months. Never did she allow me to have sex Reddit slut confessions her or see her naked. I was totally cool with it, and evertime she got a new case, she would give me her old one. Fast forward,,,,went to college blah blah blah Had not seen his mom in like years. The day before the wedding my buddy hands me a wrapped box that looked like a wedding present and said, "Mom called me and said to stop by and pick this up and make sure I gave it to you before the wedding.

I got home after wedding rehearsel and opened the box expecting a wedding gift from his mom and dad.

Smoking fetish leather cigarette case handjob

What was inside, a leather cigarette case and a note that said, "Hope you have fun and I hope she smokes. Wife does smoke, and has her own cases. But that one is special and wife knows nothing about it. Posted 4 months ago. WOW even though i have heard that story before, it still makes me cum. Re: Soft Leather Cigarette Case Quote Post by ifucklthr » Fri May 21, pm i fucked my coworkers black leather cigarette case after she had gone home for the day and as i went by her office i saw it laying on her desk so i as i walked thru the office i was passing her door and i quickly went in grabbed it shoved it in my pants and went right into the bathroom i had such a hard on when i was pulling it out to look at it and admire the soft leather and her Twin brother and sister having sex 's it got to the point where i couldnt wait to rub my cock all over the outside of it Man cumming inside woman feel that soft leather on my cock i fucked it til i couldnt hold out anymore i blew a load all over the outside of it and for good measure i rub my cum all over the filters of her salems after i was done i put it back on her desk full of my cum!

Re: Soft Leather Cigarette Case Quote Post by ifucklthr » Vanessa evans asstr Jun 16, pm any Leather cigarette case fetish leather case fucking adventures this site has been dead for a while.