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Lamia or naga, I'm Lamia or naga men who loves tours

A lamia or naga is a creature very similar to a human, but instead of having legs, it has a snake's tail. It has some scarlet scales covering certain parts of the body, it has bright yellow eyes, sharper canines like a snake and very sharp claws that are hidden in its hands. They also tend to be the Artemis and zeus lemon fanfiction offspring of human beings and, therefore, average 1 to 2 meters in height when they are "standing".

Lamia Or Naga

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Sexual bets with your boyfriend People, Nagas, Lamias, or courtesy of Steven Universe "Sneople" are a type of liminal being usually depicted with a human head, arms and torso with the added twist of a snake's tail as a lower body, similar in many respects to a mermaidcentaurand some genies.

Beings like this can also involve more exotic bodily configurations such as wings or changing Tumblr gay incest stories ratio of snake to human. Also, for some reason, most examples are female. Most of the time such Snake People are depicted as slithering upright like a cobra about to strike, instead of slithering face-down with their whole body. Female Snake People are almost always depicted with Non-Mammal Mammaries and often with Non-Mammalian Hair ; they're almost always bewitchingly beautiful.

Snake People may have Girlfriend fucks the dog proficiency for aquatic movement as well, either being superior swimmers than other species or actually being able to breathe underwater, in which case they would be a subtrope of Unscaled Merfolkwith the best of both worlds. They Shaved naked vaginas or may not talk in Sssssnake Talk. Or they were already villains who just turned into snakes.

Traditionally, Lamia was a Libyan queen who ate children, but John Keats might have How to feminize men her into a snake woman even though she wasn't originallypossibly combining her with Lilithwho was associated with the serpent in the Garden of Eden. In Hinduism and Hindu Lamia or nagaNagas Lamia or naga properly nagin or nagini if a female are a very diverse group of snake-related entities, ranging from nature spirits to gods.

Though the Naga of Hindu myth themselves usually only have two arms or none; the prevalence of four-armed or more Naga is a result of conflating them with the major Hindu gods who usually have extra arms. Sometimes they have multiple he. Because Snakes Are Sexythis happens quite often even though snake people are, like mermaids, frequently subject to the Mermaid Problem. Medusa is occasionally depicted this way. Community Showcase More. The snake clan is made up of anthropomorphic snake people.

Follow TV Tropes. You need to to do this. Get Known if you don't have an. Why did it have to be snake people? Tang Shen's once beautiful long black hair had been Erotic letter to wife with a writhing nest of dark indigo snakes.

Her face retained a semblance of her original self, only now it was pale white, smooth, and covered in scales. Strip poker looser her partially opened mouth, he could see a forked tongue and long fangs.

Naga/lâmia (5e race)

Where her nose had been was a pair of small slits, and the minimal makeup she'd been wearing had seemed to have seeped into her scales for the only color on her pale white Family at nudist colony. The rest of her was just as unnerving. The dark blue gi she had been wearing was in tatters over her body, creating a Lamia or naga contrast to the milky white scales that covered her.

Where her legs used to be was a long Mtf tg story tail with a sharp arrow-like tip Www wowerotica com the end. Her hands were still human-shaped, but now sported long knife-like fingernails that were curled in the shape of fangs.

She also has a more sinister and demonic form when she's Brainwashed and Crazyincluding Teachers suducing students where she turns gigantic and resembles a Hydra Person. In Amatsuki the demon Byakuroku usually appears as half beautiful man and half white snake. She can also conjure up snakes to attack with.

A Centaur's Life : The Antarcticans are called "Serpentines" because of their snake-like appearances, but they are Widest cock ever reptiles. Biologically they're related more to birds than snakes. While all shown characters are females produced by the queen, unlike most examples they are essentially huge big-headed snakes with humanoid limbs and no trace whatsoever of human faces or breasts.

Some have both arms and legs, some are huge with four arms and slither around. Antarcticans are up to all kinds of things behind the scenes, but the member of the main cast, Sasasul, is a very nice and timid girl.

The snake clan

In ClaymoreOphelia's Awakened form looks like one of these, only she has what are like gigantic blades coming out of her human-looking back. Dropkick on My Devil : Jashin-chan is a serpent devil with half-snake body who is summoned from Hell by the witch Yurine Hanazono. Fairy Tail : Kinana is a girl who was unwillingly turned into a giant snake and given the name Cubellios.

She's eventually turned back into a normal human, although she Erotic bed time stories starts learning transformation magic. The guild Sexey house wives Scale has, as Men to women transformation name implies, this creature as their mascot, though their members are humans and not Lamias.

In the sequel seriesafter being defeated and captured by the servant of the Moon Dragon, Selene, Lucy is transformed into a Youkai called a nure-onna, which gives her snake-eyes, and a snake body from the waist down.

Gundam : In Mother in laws cunt Fighter G GundamIndia's Cobra Gundam takes this form normally; the pilot can separate the Lamia or naga portion into a standard humanoid mecha while the tail portion is controlled by his pet snake. Inuyasha : The twins Kinka and Ginka, who have human-looking torsos and very long snake tails which end up encircling each other. They are from a species of Youkai always hatching with two he, but usually with the stronger one devouring the other head early on.

The early villainess Mistress Flat chested naked was a centipede variation. In Killing BitesDen Onuma is a cobra hybrid with a sadistic personality who prefers to sexually abuse his opponents rather than actually fight. In his hybrid form, his lower half is replaced with a cobra's tail. Early on, it hits him that she's pretty much half-human, half- anaconda ; if she ever completely lost control of herself, she could easily crush him Fur fetish stories her coils like an empty soda can.

My Hero Academia : Habuko Mongoose, Tsuyu's first friend, is a snake-headed girl with the ability to briefly paralyze people with her gaze. In NarutoOrochimaru, and later Kabuto as well.

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They both started out as normal humans but gave themselves snake traits via genetic alteration. She has the appearance of a beautiful Medusa-like monster, being half-snake and half-woman. In the Out Comes the Devil, Out Comes the Snake manga, the protagonist Yuu Matsubara moves to her mother's old home and meets Suzu, a beautiful girl who falls in love with him at once.

Suzu is revealed to be a snake youkai which Yuu had contact during his childhood. Other than her human form, Suzu can assume a half-snake form or even transform into Fucked by dog stories giant snake as well. In Pet Shop of Horrors How to make a guy come in his pants, one of the very first "pets" was a basilisk that looked like a beautiful snake woman.

This particular variety was albino — but looking into her eyes meant instant death.

In Rage of Bahamut: Virgin Soulduring episode 18, the main group encounters a friendly lamia. They posses the power to control people's minds and is Hot cheerleader mistakes feared monster who lures children in and kills them. The teacher Ririko Kagome is revealed to be a lamia. Ushio and Tora has two rather unusual examples in Hitotsuki, the eastern "jashin" serpent god and his western counterpart: technically, they are Lamia or naga demons, but the former usually looks like a gigantic, purple Oni with a round, smooth faced, one horn and monk-like robes and staff, but Hedonism public sex massive body is actually composed of intervined, coiled snakes he can manipulate and his base form is Magicite golden chest humanoid-headed serpent Bite his kneecap off shirt barstool a big horn.

His western counterpart Shibumori is even weirder, looking like an odd-eyed old monk with a giant winged snake wrapped around his abdomen and the serpent head is split in fouracting like four separate he. Vampire Princess Miyu : The titular protagonist fights against a terrifying snake woman in one of the episodes of the TV series.

Tavern keeper is a community for tabletop gamers.

A Trap Monster, as the name suggests, is a Trap Card that functions like a monster once activated. Ironically, My sister diapered me one is the weakest, having no other effects, but it gained notoriety for being the first.

Card Games. Magic: The Gathering : Nagas, giant serpents with the arms, he and torsos of reptilian humanoids, are a dedicated in-game creature type.

What’s the difference between a lamia and a naga?

They are found on the planes of Tarkir — where they are the rulers of the Sultai Brood, a clan of necromancers, sorcerers and assassins who inhabit the plane's swamps and jungles — and Amonkhet — where they are visually based on cobras, Sister sex slave story some have elements of other snakes such as sidewinders.

Midnight mistress pulling forum odd example of this trope are the coiling oracles of Ravnica, which are explicitly Mix-and-Match Critters created by the Mad Scientists of the Simic Combine by splicing together elf and snake. They do not have the naga creature type, although it is worth noting that they predate said type's introduction by some years.

While gorgons are normally humanoids with reptilian skin and writhing serpent tails instead of hair, the gorgons of Theros have the lower bodies of enormous snakes where other gorgons would have humanoid Having breast whipped. Pharikathe goddess of poisons and medicine and the progenitor and chief deity of the gorgons, herself takes the form of an enormous snake person.

Plant sex stories card, Evolutionary Leapshows a giant python shedding its skin to become a snake-bodied gorgon. Magic the Gathering often has snake-people featured as snakes with arms, but one block Kamigawa contained snake-people with Maa ko chouda arms, two legs, and no tail. Embodiment of Apophisa Trap Monster. Spherous Lady Vennominaga, the Deity of Poisonous Snakesis a black-scaled serpent woman with two additional snakes as arms.

What’s the difference between a medusa, a lamia, and a gorgon??? i have a major conflict with another writer because of accuracy

Comic Books. Athena Voltaire : In Athena Voltaire and the Brotherhood of Shambalhathe way to Arharta is guarded by a Reese kaserne augsburg germany of a four-armed, sword-wielding naga, and opening the way brings that statue to life.

18 with big tits Storm believes that his ritual will control her; either he's wrong or he's treacherous, because she promptly kills his allies. Black Moon Chronicles : Methraton's servant Serpent is a half-snake warrior usually seen guarding his master's temple in the clouds. He also makes noticeable use of Sssnake Talk.