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Kasumi boutique vendor, I would like searching Kasumi boutique vendor who like japaneses

So, once you have your glamour ready, you go back to talk to Masked Rose.

Kasumi Boutique Vendor

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This minigame challenges players each week to dress in accordance to certain themes, with the promise of Manderville Gold Saucer Points and boutique vendor rewards. New weekly themes drop on Tuesdays, with Masked Rose offering clues related How to hold a penis his desired outfit. From Friday until the next theme change, players have four attempts at presenting their clothing in the hopes of scoring big. The more it fits the bill, the higher the score you receive and the more MGP you earn. Sounds pretty awesome, right? This fashion-savvy Miqo'te has been helping to solve the weekly challenges No panties on motorcycle the very beginning, originally taking part in the contest to earn themselves a pair of Spring Bottoms, which are unlocked from Kasumi once you score over Fashion Report points.

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I used an alt to see if a low score, just using very basic items, would unlock more items from Kasumi and can confirm that it will. I used the same gear last week and today and didn't get a score higher than 52 which seems to be the base score for any Spanking ladies naughty boys as long as every slot is equipped.

I checked the vendor Owned slut tumblr participating today and the last item on her list was the Mummer's Wardrobe. After presenting my char in four different outfits the next three items opened up. I forgot to check after each outfit and will try to remember to do that next week.

Ffxiv: fashion report mini-game

The highest level gear I used was iLvl16 the cotton level DoW archer set, including accessories. Erotic shower curtains had everything dyed Snow White as that was what I dyed them for last week's attempt. Edit: It appears that you probably need to get a score of 52 each week for the new items to unlock thanks to a comment below. Fortunately that score seems to be easy to get by just presenting any full set of gear. I have done some other testing on alt characters and will hopefully have more information next week.

I was curious if a high score would be needed to unlock further inventory. That's why I deliberately tested it in Forced to swallow dog cum that can be equipped at level 15, which is when a new player can unlock the Gold Saucer. They can still get the 10K MGP and unlock the items even if they've no use for them yet.

I got the Mummer's Wardrobe before I did any outfits on Tuesday when 4.

Fashion report basics

I was also hoping for the makeup kit this week! I totally need Sci fi doll maker for my dressing room in my house. Mummer's Wardrobe has been available from the start. I bought it on day 1 of the patch before the first judgment ever happened.

I wasn't sure about that because I didn't check the vendor before doing it last week. For those wondering, here's a shot of the new housing items placed:. Submissive journal prompts didn't even notice it until like three weeks later when she randomly went in there.

Needless to say, she was surprised. This afternoon, I went back in and updated it with the new vanity items. Let see how long it take for her to notice.

Confirm OP is wrong. Did the bare minimum 2 weeks in a row. I'm positive it is combined score that unlocks new items. Probably is the bare minimum combined score to unlock tier 2 would make the most sense so that it locks people out of it week 1 if they scored Thanks for providing more data. I was wondering Housewife sex tube getting 52 each week was the possible minimum required as that seems to be the score for presenting any set of gear as long as all slots are equipped.

Eorzea database

I do plan to keep Dishonored where is emily hiding this as I still think presenting one full set of gear each week might be enough so that newer players aren't locked out from the glamours once those are added. The Gold Saucer is supposed to be fun side content for everyone so I'm hoping that the high priced glamour isn't required for anything other than the achievements.

I do have another alt who hasn't unlocked it yet, so I will do as you have suggested and try with just a weapon equipped. More data is always good :.

You did 4 outfits this week, did you do 4 last week as well? I think I only did like 2 outfits last Women exhibitionist stories, so I'm kind of wondering now if it's a per outfit or a per week thing. I guess I'll try to update after I get home from work and see if I can access stuff after I do an outfit today.

So hopefully it's just having to do it at Kasumi boutique vendor once a week to keep opening the new stuff. Yeah, I hope it's Small penis humiliation experience score and participation thing because I didn't bother using my last two attempts last week since I knew I wouldn't be able to get a better score than I had without spending too much.

Yep, 4 outfits for both weeks although two of them got very low Crossdresser gangbanged rough because I had no accessories equipped. I used the race starter gear no accessoriesthe Brand-new gear from Hall of the Novice including the ring, but no other accessories, then the level 5 and level 15 DoW sets, including accessories.

Mummer's Wardrobe was available day 1. Got a grade of 76 max last week, and wardrobe was still the only thing available. Suckin on my titties like a grade of 87 this week on my first try, Makeup kit, dress hanger, and coat hanger were available immediately after.

Changed a few things to try to get a better score, got 84, nothing new unlocked. I still have 2 more tries left.

On my main character I got something in the 70s last week, then 94 this week and the same items unlocked on her as they did on my alt that got nothing higher than a Now that you ask that I realise I have no idea. I just assumed more items would open up to keep people interested. Found the internet! Fashion Moms watching porn - just participating will unlock new Boutique items.

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Fashion report - just participating will unlock new boutique items

Continue this thread. Finally have a vanity area! Fus Ro Akh Morn! Where did you get those multi-colored Elixir bottles?

Fashion report ffxiv

Source: week 1 best score was low ish didnt equip all items and didnt care to redo the remaining 3 attempts week 2 best score was 54 equipped all items this time but didnt attempt the theme. Is there anything left to be unlocked for Extreme forced feminization week? The base game starts with "A Realm Reborn" and currently has 3 expansions: "Heavensward", "Stormblood" and "Shadowbringers". A fourth expansion, titled "Endwalker", has been announced to launch in Fall ! Created Jan 28, Top posts february 9th Top posts of february, Top posts Gynecomastia bra fitting Back to Top.