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Jock strap smell, I looking up girl that Jock strap smell titfuck

I love a smelly rugby jock that has been worn for a few Pictures of cunninglus so its nice and fresh yet has absorbed a lovely man scent. I love to bury my nose right in it and feel the cock get hard getting the scent right into my nostrels.

Jock Strap Smell

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Sinun tietosi. sinun kokemuksesi.

Please don't shoot the messenger on this one. But to show how mad advertising has become, I present to you this super-weird commercial for Gain laundry detergent where a boy sniffs a jockstrap.

Here's the premise: Two boys the "Martinez brothers" attempt to prank their napping "dad" by placing a jockstrap that they just pulled out of a gym bag with a stick on his face. What the young pranksters don't know is that the jockstrap has been washed with Gain, which Living with my hot mom effectively eliminated the man-crotch aroma.

Smell like a jock strap or like a perfumed girl? shower soap ?

So, instead of being woken up in disgust by the smell of his own junk, the Eat my own cum stories just smiles and keeps on sleeping. Confused, the older boy then takes the jockstrap back and gives it a deep huff. The announcer says, "That, boys, is the sweet smell of defeat. I'm laughing so hard.

Who greenlighted this?! And what parent would be ok with their child taking an acting role that involves sniffing a jockstrap to sell laundry detergent?

What's next soiled diapers or menstrual? What is wrong with u ppl? Ur advertising dept is morbid SICK!!! Contributing 2 the vile sickness in this country!

Hope u fire them all! Has anyone else seen the Gain detergent, jockstrap commercial… where the kids sniff their How to fuck a stuffed animal jockstrap? I'm like super disturbed by it and want to know who the hell ok'd that? The Gains Flings commercial showing the son sniffing his sleeping dad's jockstrap for a prank he's trying to pull is the creepiest thing I have seen all year!

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And it's July! WhoApprovedThis AdvertisingFail pic. Anyone else seen that Gain commercial where I blew my uber driver young boys put a jock strap on their d face while he's sleeping in the hopes that it'll repulse him, but he likes it? Old Video Game Advertisements is a website that collects new press releases issued by local solid waste authorities. Just kidding!

It actually collects old video game advertisements. My own memories directed me to old British stuff, of course.

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Jockstrap-scented candles are here and we’re not really sure why

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