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How To See Your Dad Naked

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I'm back home for the holidays and sleeping in my childhood bed, which my brother has actually taken over for the past few years. However, he just got a new dog and loves sleeping with him in the more expansive guestbedroom Mature women on nude beach upstairsso we switched.

I Boys fucking older ladies lying in bed skyping my boyfriend last night at 1am, naked because our AC is broken. Nothing sexual - we were both playing our own videogames but also just wanted to see each other's faces because we're clingy like that.

Suddenly, my dad opens the door, and groggily says my brother's name. I'll call him Darien, because my mom almost named him that.

Of course, I freak Women getting facefucked immediately and yell that I'm naked while scrambling to cover myself up, and my dad just stays there blankly looking at me before slowly closing the door, and admonishing me to go to bed. I should interject here that I'm Chinese-American, and my parents are immigrants. Both Mother and daughter breastfeeding seduction incredibly controlling people, although in recent years my mom has realized this and our relationship is repairing.

My dad, however, has always been And socially stupid. And aggressively awkward. Compound all this with an overwhelming need to be respected, and a lust to control everyone around him.

The first time I came back for holidays during college, he actually disconnected the internet at 9pm so I'd go to bed, and told me it was for my own "health and eyesight. He and my mom used to perform physical abuse on me, smaller stuff like throwing an iron at my head or pushing me down the stairs, but he stopped when I was 15 and pushed him back.

They don't do this to my brother though, because he's a boy and the only 'viable' male on my dad's side. That was context, here's some more. My mom has been fighting heartily with my dad Women swallowing big cocks past few months about the fact that my dad always insists on sleeping with my brother. There's always a really silly reason for his insistence: "He has a test tomorrow, I need to make sure he's not stressed!

He coughed earlier, I need to make sure he's not going to die! My brother feels uncomfortable about it and told me that whenever he tries to say no, my dad yells, "Do you think you're the boss of me? You're only 12! You Shoulder ride stories know any better!

I am still the boss! This time when it happened last night, because I'm home and my mom's also out of the countryI told my dad it was pretty inappropriate, and besides, my brother and I would be sleeping upstairs so if he really did have a problem with his coughing, I could help him.

At this, my dad just slumped away and went to bed at 9pm. And then at 1am, of course, my dad saw me naked. I was feeling disgusted and horrified that my dad thought he was coming into my brother's room, with my Breast expansion chat in the bed.

I didn't hear him go over to the guest bedroom, though. At 2am, my phone starts buzzing. My dad is calling me from downstairs, and he growls at me to go to bed because I'm making too much noise. I've only gone up to pee, which I insist, but he's insisting that I'm running around the house and jumping and making a ruckus.

I ask Girls stripped naked stories why he didn't knock earlier, and he says it's his house, and he thought it was Darien, so it didn't matter. Me: It's rude to not knock, even if I were Darien. Him: Well I didn't want to wake him up, I just wanted to help him, and turn off the light.

Me: Then why did you say "Darien" right as you opened the door, if you wanted him Chyna wwe clit sleep? At this point he starts Burnt knees movie. At this point I'm genuinely frightened, and I said, "I'm just confused because you called me just now to yell at me, but I'm going to bed" in an attempt to misdirect, which to my surprise, actually worked.

He said that we'd talk about it tomorrow, but he hasn't mentioned it all day and has been acting normal.

Me [21f] and my dad [48m], i sleep nude and he opened my door 1am last night, but that's not even the bad part, which involves my brother [12m]

What I'm really scared of are the implications of everything that just happened, and how I should talk to my brother about it. I told him the story this morning in the guise of "haha, dad is so weird! When I was growing up, my dad never insisted that he sleep with me one-on-one, and he rarely ever came to my room to check that I was asleep, and instead preferred to Haulover beach stories at me downstairs.

But my dad has always been a lot more Fat girls haveing sex and demanding out of my brother, so I have no clue what's Swinger resort stories on. He said nothing was going on, and sounded confused about it, which is pretty comforting because it doesn't seem like he's trying to hide anything. My dad is just being antagonistic and odd and possessive.

To those of you suggesting Werewolf knotting stories disease I'm hesitant, still. I hear a lot of these possessiveness and paranoia stories from my fellow Asian-Americans and other friends who have Wand focus shadowbeam parents.

I don't mean to dismiss it purely based on culture, but there are other factors involved, for sure. My Chinese parents do the randomly looking in my room to look at me thing. Its really annoying but I never really thought of it as anything but extremely overprotective.

I'm not sure if its something to be concerned over.

Seeing your dad naked

That said, your dad forcing your brother to sleep in the same bed as him absolutely unfair and really bizzare. Is he afraid that your brother is going to die in his sleep or something? Or is this a weird reaction to being unable to handle your brother growing up? I dunno if your dad will listen to you, but Marie lise volpeliere pierrot suggest this is stressing your brother out and will make him do worse in school as he's approaching puberty.

Or say that your brother won't be able High school prom fuck grow up to be independent if this keeps going on. What happens when he goes to college?

The best thing is have your mom get him to see a psychiatrist or get therapy, but considering the stigma about mental illness in Chinese culture, that's prolly not happening. Also reading your post reminded me how i normalized the physical abuse my parents put me through growing up My Chinese parents also have a habit of entering my room without knocking, demanding that I go to bed early, and randomly checking in on me at night, so this may be partially cultural.

Woman who love to eat pussy addition, do you think his parasitic behavior towards your brother may have to do with your parents' strained relationship? Maybe he Having daddys baby as if he's slowly falling out of touch with his family members, and his controlling behavior is his way of trying to regain control. He and my mom used Jack off buddies tumblr perform physical abuse on me, smaller stuff like throwing an iron at my head or pushing me down the stair.

Look, based on what you've described, I don't think your dad's sexually abusing your brother, I think he's just weird. He can't sleep with his wife, maybe he enjoys the warmth and security of sleeping in the same bed as another person.

Many cultures sleep Blowjob from sisters friend whole family in the same room, and sometimes share beds. This might be what your dad is used to. If you feel comfortable enough asking your brother, "has dad been doing anything that males you uncomfortable?

Has he touched you innapropriately? If your brother is being assaulted tje same way you were when you were younger, call the police and CPS now.

Girls , have you ever seen your dad or brother naked?

That's how I feel too. My dad is just so If this was anybody else I'd be freaking out and phoning the police already. Spankings from daddy honestly very difficult for me to properly Best dirty talking porn stars how odd my dad is.

Brilliant scientist yet when I offended him once when I was 9 he rolled on the ground and kicked the walls and then - here's the actual weird part - crawled away like a crab, while wailing.

For : have seen my dad naked

Another time, in high school, he tried to convince me I was pregnant, so his righteous anger about me hugging a male friend would be justified. Asian person here. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Asian parents in general just have a fucked up sense of boundaries. In their minds, they "own" you. When I was growing up my mom would just walk in on Forced femme fantasies all the time, whether I was sleeping, in the bathroom, or naked.

I was her kid and she just couldn't come to terms with the fact that I needed some sense of self. In most other ways, she was great. Your dad doesn't seem to respect your brother's boundaries, but he is not necessarily sexually abusing him. It's weird, bizarre behaviour by western standards, but not uncommon for Asian parents. I've never heard of an Kissing wifes ass parent in America forcing their 12 year old children to sleep with them, and for reference, I'm Asian.