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Hinata cheats on naruto fanfic, I am hunt Hinata cheats on naruto fanfic woman that like hustlers

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Hinata Cheats On Naruto Fanfic

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Hinata wasn't an easy person to piss off but when she gets pissed off she gets pissed off.

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What can I say, I tend to like stories that I should not.

An unexpected confession

Can help but like cheating stories don't matter who is cheated on to me. I don't write since I know I don't have any talent for it, but I do have quite a bit of ideas.

Would not mind helping people write a cheating story as long as I know the series. FanFiction unleash your imagination.

Story Story Writer Forum Community. Sort: Category. This time, I'm inviting crossovers, so that we have newer, fresher ideas. Thanks and as always, enjoy reading! Book of Lemons, Part 1 by TrueBlueDude reviews A set of lemons that you guys request for, with just one that Caught husband jacking off based on popular request.

An unexpected confession

Corrupt by Filthr reviews But for all it meant. She didn't care. She didn't know the full reason why, only bits and pieces.

She should feel ashamed. She should be distraught that she is now considered a fallen angel.

But her demon made it all the worthwhile. She may have been corrupted by him, but he was now hers whether he knew it or not.

He would always be hers. Naruto's Adventures in Adultery by arkzero reviews Sometimes life can be absolutely dull, sometimes you need something spicy.

To Naruto, this is what he absolutely desire. NarutoxHarem Warning: This is a cheating fic This is my request to author NecroPeridot with permission for me to post. A Woman's Heart by Ookami88 reviews Naruto lies in hospital in Burn her tits. Sasuke is locked in prison for his crimes. Hinata comes up with a plan that will ensure her beloved man's happiness, no matter how much it'll cost her.

Warning: lemons, character's death. Temptation by HarleighQuinn reviews Hinata Hyuga was engaged to a great man, but why was she fantasizing about his best friend?

What will she do when her fantasies become a Damit i love you on temptation? Watchful Eyes by jjscriptease reviews An attempt on Hinata's life leaves Naruto no option but to hire extra security for his wife. Uchiha Sasuke agrees.

When Hinata finds herself drawn to the mysterious bodyguard, everything gets compromised. Sasuke x Hinata.

Sasuke, who secretly loves Hinata, takes the chance and had sex with her in the heat of the moment. Since that incident happened, Spooning my mom now realizes that she actually loves Sasuke more than Naruto and she will do everything in her power to keep the affair a secret from him. AVeryDarkLord 4. Filthr 5.

Naruhina: an unexpected reunion

HarleighQuinn 7. The Perverted Gentlemen TrueBlueDude 6. Terms of Service.

edid:Profile Updated: AVeryDarkLord 4 Filthr 5. HarleighQuinn 7 ragingspeed