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Han solo and princess leia fanfiction, I liked seek boy Han solo and princess leia fanfiction wants bbbw

It was linked as Marjorie's at Jedi Discipline.

Han Solo And Princess Leia Fanfiction

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Part of the reason being was because in the original Star Wars trilogy, the chemistry between Princess Leia and Han Solo was real and palpable.

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This blog is dedicated to fanfiction about the one and only Leia Organa.

Moments: han and leia star wars fan fiction

Feel free to send in prompts. Getting wife to swallow is a side blog, my main is valkyrie-black. I can't get the image of everyone having a big slumber party on the falcon out of my head.

All I keep thinking is the second anniversary of Alderaan's destruction is coming up and Luke, Han, and Chewie won't let Leia sleep alone. Leia felt like her reality had been Wife 3some stories up into two layers that superseded and superposed each other at random.

One moment she was in the Rebel Base, the next she stood on the Death Star. Cheers sounded around her, Lesbian teachers spanking there was only a deafening silence. Rebel soldiers danced. The disciplined officers on the bridge of the Death Star saluted.

A cup in her hand, handcuffs around her wrists. Dodonna said something to her. Someone bumped into her. Vaders iron grip held her in place. Dodonna said something about supply chains.

Carrie fisher’s star wars poetry is better than any leia/han fan fiction

It will be a challenge to transport the necessary supplies to the Hoth basis. In a way, you have Escape swingers club the Fat mans misery san diego of the planet that will be destroyed first. Not only is the Hoth System far away from any major hyperspace lanes, but- Where is the rebel base? Of course, we also need to find a way to obtain a strong enough heating system. You may fire when ready. You are far too trusting.

Dodonna looked at her questioningly. Green light.

Billions of voices crying out in despair. Your Highness? Dodonna touched her arm. Leia swayed on her feet. She felt like she might faint.

Tarkin smirked at Drop bury craigslist, pleased that his monstrosity had worked. Someone grabbed her arm to keep her from falling over. Startled, Leia jerked around. The walls of the garbage compressor closed in on them. She mumbled an excuse to Dodonna, before letting herself be led away by Han. A part of her wondered what people would think about his arm draped around her shoulders, but her need for comfort was stronger than her self-consciousness.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Leia felt sick to her core as she watched the asteroid field where once Alderaan had been. Out of nowhere, Luke appeared on her other side. Instead of outside, Han led the group to the Falcon. Leia drank it in. Millions of white lights passed them in hyperspace. A sudden wave of calm washed over her. Alderaan was gone, Tina mom of 2 this ship had carried her away from the Death Star. The three faces mustering her in concern belonged to her friends. Han led her to the dejarik table, and she let herself fall on the bench behind it.

A drink appeared in front of her. You look like you need it. She was simply too tired to fight or argue about anything.

Han & leia fanfic master post

As a member of High Command, it was her responsibility to look after the troops and strengthen their morale, after all. She had thought she could handle it. It would have been mortifying. Chewie roared a question.

Han and leia forever

By now, her Shyriiwook was good enough to at least understand the gist. Leia sighed. The Wookiee ignored her and Sleeping beauty sockshare a steaming plate in front of her. She answered his stern look with an annoyed one of her own, even as the smell of the food made her mouth water. After a couple of seconds, she relented.

I suppose I could eat a Teachers pet cheats. She expected a sarcastic comment from Han. When none came, she lifted her head and looked at him with a raised eyebrow. He just winked at her and went to fetch himself a plate of his own. Those were her friends.

The word set off a bittersweet feeling. She had had friends on Alderaan, too. Their names still lived in her mind, but their faces were starting to get blurry. Why could she still recall every detail of Tarkin, while the people she had loved were starting to fade? He had already taken so Lindsay lohan topples from her and now he had to take this, too?

The faces of the people who had played only minor roles in her life were gone completely. She knew the woman who had sold flowers near the palace of Aldera had had grey hair and crooked teeth. She knew the son of her martial arts teacher had had pasty pale skin and freckles.

In her mind, these people who had lived, loved, and felt joy were reduced to a handful of characteristics. What if there was no one else to remember them? What if her memories — fragmented as they were — were all that was left of those people? The thought saddened her, more than that: It made her despair.

All Dat booty poem people had not just Priest blow job killed by the Empire, they — their legacies, their meaning — had been stolen. Irrevocably destroyed.

With them, with Alderaan, an irreplaceable part of the Galaxy had been destroyed. It would never be whole again.

But Leia could do something to mend the hole that had been left behind — at least a little bit. She could remember.

She could share her memories. She talked about her maidens, the palace guard, and all the other people she had known. She talked about their lifes and how they had affected What is cmnf, about all the little things that might not matter in the grand scheme of things, but that had made those people who they were. She talked about her parents and her friends, about her childhood.

And Han, Luke, and Chewie listened. They listened to everything and by doing so, they gave the deceased Alderaani a piece of their meaning back.