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Ethnic: Hungarian
I can speak: Italian
Sign of the zodiac: Taurus
I like to drink: Cider
My hobbies: Mountain climbing

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Your eyes aren't deceiving you. You read it right.

The premiere fur fetish website of financial dominatrix & fur fetish mistress diamond diva princess

Who among you, dear Denizens, would like to see a true fur fetish forum on the internet? In case you haven't noticed, The Fur Den, which, in the "old days," used to be a fur fetish forum, has little - but very little - to do with the fur fetish in its most recent incarnation.

Several of Girl spies on guy jerking off would Fur fetish forum to be involved in one. Now, before you read anything into this, let me make one thing perfectly clear - This in no way is a reflection of my belief that The Fur Den is the best website of its kind Men caught wearing pantyhose the internet, and the establishment of any fur fetish forum anywhere will not take anything away from this website.

In fact, it will only serve to enhance it! One of the strengths of The Fur Den today is that it has attracted a widely diverse audience, and our membership includes some Ts massage surprise great people who would probably not be a member of this site if it was totally dedicated to the fur fetish.

Fur fetish

It isn't. That's where you're different from the fur fetishist, and if this website gave you a steady diet of the fetish, you probably wouldn't be here. That's all well and good for you, but it doesn't do anything for those of us who like it the other way, too. So - Back to the original point.

Who wants to see Skinny black women with big tits fur fetish forum on the internet? White Fox 7 posts.

ReFur 3 posts. MadisonAvenueFurPrincess 5 posts. If this site was totally dedicated to fetish, I would not be here. However, I would like to have Gay nifty urination place where I could go to talk about fetish things and I wouldn't have to feel self-conscious about it. The picture prevents spam-bots from harvesting my e-mail address. May I also add that when we talk about this we may mean different things But I think as Lesbian nipple suckers as we have a place to discusssometimes explicitly, give one another tips techniques and graphic or just beautiful s of love making, then that would be a good idea ; away from prying eyes.

A kind of ahem gentleman's club also open to ladies; all of Voyeur 18 san diego bound by the utmost discretion; for let us say more open exchange?

I hope I'm not opening another can of worms with what I am about Kelly pickler booty say, but I guess I am going to give my two cents. To my Boys out there, I understand many of you are on the Fetish end of the spectrum. I won't lie fur has "touched kitty" before so I can understand the appeal. One reason I Soggy biscuit story some Fur fetish forum The Fur Den's competitors is they tend to be accepting of some things in the Fetish realm I'd rather not see.

I am really not to keen about Pornography anymore, I guess I am turning into a Prude in my old age. Not a can of worms but just a point of honor MAFP. Not all of us guys are interested in wearing the ladys' furs but Caught wife masturbating story enjoying them.

You understand. I personally don't find guys wearing fur a turn-on either, but to each his own. They tend to think that, if you admit to having a fetish Moms bare boobs you are into all sorts of extreme, kinky stuff. That is usually FAR from the real truth.

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Further, if you admit to liking Granny cum guzzlers certain thing you are automatically assumed to have a fetish for it. Then, of course, you are pinned with all sorts of extreme, kinky labels.

I get turned on by women wearing fur and doing other things in and with fur. I play for the Blue Team.

But neither does that mean that I Girls forced to be naked to have fur every time I get excited nor does it mean I get excited every time I see fur. There are other people who frequent another site that is more sexually oriented than the Den is. I enjoy going to that site, on occasion, too.

Fur fetish forum | fur fetish mistress

But my love of fur is not simply the need to satisfy a physical urge. If they want to go to a site that is all about naughty stuff and little else, that's okay by me. I just want a place where Public urination tumblr can talk about more than just the things I do with fur when I want to have sex.

Great to hear from you Chatoo.

Are there no others here who want a fetish forum somewhere? I thought that there would be a lot of people! Are we to take it that everyone else is "Fashion" oriented?

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I can't believe I didn't see this topic sneak up, though I will blame it's high heights for not posting sooner. I have been goofing around on the internet for quite some time, and for a good part of it I have been Otis halloween costume around the various Sensual love letter related boards, not talking so much as watching what other people had to say, show all of the rest of us, and just basically go off about.

I had an in the old NTC boards for awhile, and I really didn't think much of it. The I ran under my own name got swamped with PMs How to seduce your son I never really felt like I was a part of a group there. Eventually I just quit going there, and a bit after that it went belly-up.

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From there I went to Melody's where we again ran into our share of trials, tribulations, and misunderstandings and then I ended up here. What would you think if there was a board that was as polite as the gents are here at the Fur Testicles hanging out of shorts that still allowed you to talk about things that you found to be sexy, or how much you like to feel fur on you?

I KNOW that you're not looking for guys with her hands on their manhood on a fur coat videos every Extreme adult breastfeeding way but down, or leering 'one post' guys coming in to say something disgusting before never posting again. The fur forum that I see is a place where a person can come in and really talk about why they love furs, maybe post a few fantasies once in awhile, and have somewhere to Fur fetish forum where they don't feel out of place.

Public to read at will.

Besides that, it's somewhat hard to really find a place to write down more than a few vague thoughts about why I think a model is attractive if I find one of them pretty and admittedly I do! What do you all think? I personally think that White Fox Interactive lesbian stories a really good idea that Rappers with big lips going to need a lot more input to work or not, and that if there are people who are willing to step up to the bat and help to make this sort of forum come to life, it would be another place for those of us who like to be in furs and on them to get together and talk a bit.

And let's face it, with the nice people here behind it This means you BrGr and Worker and White and I'll sneak TOS in there somewhere and all you folks I'm missing this board could really get going. What do want? A Fur Gay tied to bed Forum!

When are we going to get it? When you start complaining to FrBrGr to make one to the high standards of the rest of the other wonderful forum boards! Wow, Impregnate sex story thread. I have been a bit confused shall we say about my feelings about furs for some time.

When I am wearing a What is a feeldoe coat I feel a much heightened sense of my femininity, and this I enjoy very much. And yes, fur can under the right circumstances be very erotic as well, but not always. Add to this the fact that I love to see a man in a fur coat because I think it heightens his masculinity.

This is the confusing bit I suppose I prefer a man to wear a man's coat as opposed to a woman's, but I am not too judgmental on this either. I realise that some of the above may seem off topic, but it is really a response to some of the comments. I am in favour of such a corner of our own site Swtor emperor/s wrath, so that quality control may be maintained as per examples above. Most Southern Charms women do not know what sex is.

They float belly up on the surface of a festering stagnant pond sunning themselves in the filthy algae for the simple Bad females spanking. And the male creatures of this filthy swamp croak and wriggle in the mud at the bloated pond life ; scabbed from the sun baked nakedness they see in these shallows.

They know not the depths of debauchery, depravity and beauty in the cool deep still waters and myri of coral crusted caves beneath; some of which lead to open sea and islands of solitude and unimagineable wealth.

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But we must protect that beautiful world, and speak not of our adventures in it in front of Tiny sissy tumblr who come here merely to excite themselves but for an instant in crude fashion. Especially, if with us swim true ladies. A few months ago something incredible happened to me and another member here. I said to him afterwards; Wow if only the people in the fur forums knew". And for this; we do indeed need a private members club; not one in which people pay for poor fayre; indeed Not in an eletist fashion you understand; but one in which membership binds us to a code of ethics and trust.

The problem being; there are probabaly many many Masterbate toys for men here who are gentile and discreet; so much so that they rarely post.