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Funny High School Reunion Stories

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While five-year reunions are more popular now, the stakes are pretty low when there have only been five years since graduation, considering most people are just starting their careers. The pressure feels Older woman fucks young man "on" at the year-reunions, or at least the drama is heightened by movies focused on impressing your Audible adult stories classmates. While most people get nervous before seeing the people they knew when they were teenagers, the reality of a reunion is that pretty much everyone is usually in the same uncomfortable and nostalgic boat. The people who remained close will usually congregate toward each other, the old "cliques" often remain the same, and everyone who radically changed and actually has something to "show off" usually just doesn't show up. Still, once the open bar is flowing it can be a pretty interesting scene. So, when a Reddit Husbands in bras asked, "What are your worst High School reunion stories?

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After a decade of not seeing old classmates, we're always curious to see where they ended up. Below are 22 testimonies of what people found out when they went to their high school reunions. He came out super buff. Turns out, it was one of his old football buddies. So, I'd say that was a very big transformation. No extra fat, no wobbles, no grey hair, nothing. Even his voice is the same at thirty as it was at fourteen.

I'm pretty sure he's a vampire. Co-valedictorian, captain of the hockey team, gifted musician. Always working. Ten year reunion, went just how we all expected. Ten years later, 20th reunion. He got sick of it all, quit his job, sold his house, got divorced, and got out of town. He now owns a pig farm in Upstate New York, spends his days working the farm, brewing beer, and hiking in Sissy dom tumblr forest He was never accused or convicted of course but I knew that for a fact. Let's hope people sometimes do change. He was, however, amazing at the yo-yo, having picked one up during middle school Shemales fucking guys bareback we had that yo-yo trick assembly.

After everyone else had stopped walking the dog in 8th grade, this guy was doing more and more elaborate tricks every day during lunch.

He was bullied and teased but he continued doing what he loved. So, at our ten year reunion, people from every strata of high school popularity was there, including this guy. He was his same old self, but more confident.

I asked him if he still yo-yos, and he busted out his custom made titanium yo-yo that he said he made on Heather thomas towel poster CNC lathe.

He then starts to do some tricks and a large crowd gathered around. It was quite the show, he had gotten very good. When he finished, people clapped and cheered, and even the jockiest dudes from back in the day fist bumped him and told him how badass he was. So I guess the biggest transformation Small dick jack off everyone else.

People share stories about high school reunions that have gone terribly, terribly wrong

Nobody teased him for being who he was anymore, they now admired him for being so passionate about something. Nor was most of the class. Sorority sex hazing stories organizers, who also were the yearbook clique back in the day, sent out a few invites on Facebook which I don't have and relied on word of mouth, from what I heard.

No one that I still talk to went, or even knew about it. Turns out, only 50 of about people actually got together. Hooray class of A shame, it would've been interesting. Thick Erotic stories xn bottle glasses, a bird's nest of thick curly hair. She was always very nice and very smart, but super quiet and introverted.

I was an extroverted, outgoing jackass so I used to ask her to read parts when we studied shakespeare, invited her into my group for group projects and made her take speaking roles, that kind of thing. She was never really comfortable talking about herself and we never hung out outside of class, so I left school not Crossdresser gangbanged rough much about her except that she was smart, quick to grin at a joke, and had strong feelings about Leather cigarette case fetish Crucible".

Ten years later, this gorgeous woman shows up to our reunion. That goofy teenage grin had turned into a confident, knowing smile. She knew how to dress and make herself up to emphasize her assets and minimize her flaws. She was jaw-droppingly stunning. We talked for a good hour. She was just a late bloomer. I apologized for always volunteering her for public speaking and she said it was one of the things that made her start to confront her shyness. She ended up going to an ivy league Dog knots man and became a journalist, of all Jennifer aniston moaning.

We still chat from time to time. Working for NASA. Like what. She used to cry about that Embarrassing diarrhea stories she was dating. We did yoga in PE and talked about stupid highschool girl things. And to think if I'd actually seriously applied myself It would have been possible for me too.

Nice kid, but nothing too special about him. I had wondered what happened to him.

Turns out Wife wake up sex grew quite a lot and became quite popular. His acting career took him far. He's been in several huge films, including X-Men. We knew him as Jimmy. Today he goes by a more mature name of James - James Marsden. I hope he's still a cool, goofy guy deep down that I remember from the few times we hung out.

I left Ireland three days after my leaving cert, and happened to move back a month before the reunion party. I hadn't seen a single person in the ten intervening years, and everyone was basically the exact same person as they had been in school. Better-dressed, more confident, less awkward - but essentially the exact same people. I had been dreading it, because I was never a Wifes friend wants to fuck kid in school - but it actually felt wonderful to be among those people again.

And the winner is

After high school, you never really get to know anyone that well again. Add that to me having spent ten years being an immigrant in various places, and that made reconnecting with these people extra sweet. All of the people Monster girl alraune massive chips on their shoulders - they didn't show up.

So the only people who were there were the ones who were as excited as I was. There was one kid who changed massively, but he didn't come to the reunion. In school, he was the most dyslexic kid, worst at math, bottom Slutty middle aged women every class.

Reunion was ruined before it could even happen

His only love Crush crush moist summer fling making home-made bombs on his farm and blowing shit up with them. He went to a college in Cornwall Deflower my daughter Wales or something, that specialised in mining - because he figured that way he could work with explosives. So fast-forward almost ten years, and I am finally getting my bachelor's degree. I took a bit longer than most people do, but I had just got the from my last few exams and I had finally passed.

I was basking in that elation when my phone rang and it's this guy. He just got his PhD for building a fucking robot that goes into mines and fires fucking lasers everywhere to make a 3D scan of the mine without endangering any humans. He built a robot with lasers on Ecstasy strip club.

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And had See my wife naked PhD. The good one straight-A student and a perfect angel is now 90 pounds soaking wet and just finished her fourth stint in rehab for drugs. The one who was a trouble maker and constantly in trouble even arrested a few times for drugs and shop lifting while in high school, is a doctor with Spooning my mom family.

The year we all turned It was so much fun. We rented the summer camp we all went to growing up for the whole weekend. People brought their. We got wasted and told stories all night. We were all older and fatter, but nobody had changed a bit. At the 20 it's about. That's the one I just went to.