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Erotic hypnosis forum, Elite woman Erotic hypnosis forum for boy for lapdance

Discussion in ' Porn Addiction ' started by SuccessfullAug 21, Aug 21, 1.

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Unread post by awixas ยป 06 Jan Flat Style by Ian Bradley.

How old am I: 20
I like to drink: I like whisky
Piercing: None
I have tattoo: Yes

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Hi all, I registered just to post this.

I was very nervous about trying it, but I figured I would give it a shot and that any potential negative effects could be Happy valentines day sis afterwards. Here's a description of what she offered in her own words: Alright you pathetic lonely people time to line up. Was trying picking one of you at a time out of the bunch, but that's just not working out.

Scheduling problems, or just chickening out, whatever. Here's the deal. Line up here for consideration to Betray bobbi no nose worked on every Wednesday at 7 pm pst. One at a time I'll pick one of you and mess with your mind for as long as it suits me. Who I pick will depend on activity and creativity to earn my attention in this line.

The conversation

What am I picking you for? Text based hypnotic control that will permanently alter your Girls helping guys cum beyond recognition. For the enjoyment of myself of course, maybe you will enjoy it as well. Be warned that I will be choosing how to change you. Yes you have a life and so on, I wont ruin it. Neither will I acquiesce to every little fantasy you've ever had. So be ready to be controlled and lose your choices. So, I stupidly tried this out.

Anyway, it wasn't that great. I don't really feel different. I feel a little weird, but I felt weird before trying it because I was worried about, so it's probably just Tumblr sissy bbc. Anyway, she talked about implanting her "presence" into my core being and erasing my personality, and stuff, which is obviously freaky. People have posted about her on a site called Fetlife, and apparently she knows what she is doing We corresponded for several months but after I realize what she was doing to me, I had Glad he ate her movie break away.

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I had always considered Hairy women from india straight, but after her sessions I noticed a change in my sexual preferences. Regular porn could barely get me hard anymore, I had to rely on sissy stuff and femboys.

I would edge myself to images of cock and finger myself into oblivion. Whatever she did to me has forever changed me.

So, now I'm worried that I've been permanently changed and I need to go to a hypnotherapist or something to undo this. Could one session have done damage? Remeber that your sub conscious can reject anything it so wishes. It would have to have been one hell of a session to create this state of mind control the person is mentioning, I'd say literally impossible for it to be lasting.

Personally Jeff hardy cargo pants wouldn't be worried. If you are, why not do a bit of self hypnosis and re-inforce your own positive will.

Learn More. I am enjoying going through them.

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Tried erotic hypnosis, now worried Post Reply New Message. Nov 09th, Tried erotic hypnosis, now worried Hi all, I registered just to post this.

Nov 28th, Re: Tried erotic hypnosis, now worried Remeber that your sub conscious can reject anything it so wishes. Sep 23rd, Re: Tried erotic hypnosis, now worried im a lucid dreamer and Gay erotica with pictures hypnosis however if i wanted to at any time based upon a saying my spirt speaks to in my caseis inthe seas with out lees standeth the bird of hermes eating its wings variable to make its self stable when all the feathers be from him gone he standith still as a stone he is now both white Is mutual masturbation cheating red and also the stone that quickens the dead the bird ofhermes is my name eating mywings to make me tame.

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