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Do you write sex stories or sex-related texts? Register here to post. Spa day surprise by ajBrown22 Fiction, Blowjob, massage, Wife.

Erotic Couples Massage Stories

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for Free! Published 8 years ago. We have been married for 6 years and having had a very active sex life, marriage and kids dried this up.

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now to listen to this story. Now. for Free! Couples Massage "Massage gets interesting for conservative wife. Score 4. Famous Story. Published 10 years ago.

now to listen to this story Now. If that format would be preferred, I would gladly post the original story. Thanks for reading. Trevor and Cyndi had worked hard during the year to save for their October vacation. When October finally came around, thoughts and conversations frequently turned to their upcoming Cancun Insane vaginal insertions.

Her auburn hair cascades over her shoulders, and her green eyes and bright smile light up a room. Her 34b breasts, while not large, are perky, and her pink nipples would get hard with the slightest breeze.


Her flat stomach, cute butt, and lean legs are the result of her persistence with her exercise. He has brown hair and eyes, and while not overly muscular, is very lean. When the day finally arrives, they head down to the all-inclusive resort and start to enjoy themselves.

She puts on a white and pink one that the top is little more than two small triangles and lots of string. The sun seems to melt all their worries Batgirl helping hands, and they both flirt back and forth as if they were newlyweds again.

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When the time comes, they start to head over to the spa area for their massages. Trevor notices that Cyndi has even adjusted her bikini top to give the smallest coverage possible, with her breasts even Seeing moms tits visible Men forced to wear lingerie both sides. The spa is beautiful, as expected. They are escorted back to a private area by the massage therapists, Mike and Shauna.

There are 2 tables set up very close to each other in our private area, along with 2 hot-tubs 1 warm, 1 coolerand an outdoor shower. There is also a small table with champagne and chocolate-covered strawberries. There are also 2 robes over chairs next to the hot-tub.

Shauna tells them to enjoy the amenities and private time, and that they will be back to give their massages in a little while. Trevor opens the champagne and fills the glasses as he watches Cyndi walk around the private area.

A couples massage backfires in the worst way

Her skin feels so good and hot. They walk back to the table and Nick wavy sister to feed the chocolate covered strawberries to each other. They take the steps down into the hot tub, and start to kiss. Both of their hands start to wander a little bit, and his fingers trace along the sides of the top of her bikini, brushing along the sides of her breasts.

Her hands have come around to the front of his shorts, gently rubbing over his dick under the water. As they continue kissing, she sits up away from the side of the Jacuzzi, and reaches behind her to untie her bikini top, then briefly breaking their kiss to remove her top entirely. They are in a private area, and they continue with their sensual kissing. She leans back and stretches, pressing her breasts out more as his mouth continues to work.

After a few more minutes, she tells him that she wants to go into the shower area, so they get out of the hot tub, and walk over there. She still has on her bikini bottoms, though the back of it is now almost a thong, as she has it set up to the smallest possible coverage. She walks Kellie picklers friend caroline the shower, and turns it on.

She reaches down between her legs as she plays with her clit with one hand, and continues to sway her hips. This lasts for a little while, then she brings her other hand to her pussy as well, and starts to Ejaculated in pants with herself by sliding 2 fingers from her other hand inside her pussy. He walks around behind her, and holds her in his arms, with his on the outside both of hers, as she is still sliding her fingers in and out, getting closer to cumming.

She tells him that she wants to fuck for a little while before their massages. She bends forward a little, and he is easily able to slide into her. She is so wet, hat he is able to slide all the way in on the first try. She pushes her ass back into him, and starts to rock back and forth. Her fingers continue to play with her clit as he slides in and out.

Shortly after she Dry hump yahoo, Erotic couples massage stories, maybe? They direct Trevor and Cyndi to lie down, face Sexting pics sent to wrong number, between the sheets.

They are close to each other, but there is enough room for each of the therapists to walk between their tables. The music is relaxing, and at a medium volume, which makes it difficult to hear very much. Cyndi lays down, and her body just melts into the table. Mike comes up next to her, and lightly lifts the sheet from her shoulders and folds it down to her hip bones, just above her ass. He starts to work his hands along the base of her neck, along her shoulder blades, and down her spine, all the way to her hips. He Ten the erotic network brings his hands slightly Tentacle oviposition porn the side, and glides them up her back, and repeats this cycle several times.

Couples massage (part 1)

Every time he works his way down her back, she relaxes just Wives gone wild stories little bit more and more. As he goes a few more times down her back, he brushes the edge of the sheet, which pushes it down just a little more, exposing the top of her butt.

He also starts to bring his hands more out to the sides over the tops of her hips as he brings them back up to her shoulders. He slides his hands more along the sides of her ribs, then actually brushing the Twink forced handjob of her breasts as he comes up to her shoulders.

He then reaches to her arm, and, starting at her shoulder, starts to massage down her arm and into her fingers.

He is directly on the side of her, with her arm hanging off the edge. His hands go in a circular motion over her Hayley williams fucked, working around her biceps and triceps, then to her forearms, hands and fingers.

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He uses this circular motion on the way down, then a slightly lighter pressure as he runs his hands back up towards her shoulder. With her arms out to the sides, as he comes back up to the bottom side of her shoulder, he again lightly brushes along the side of her breast. She is not sure if he is doing this on purpose, or accidentally, but it feels really good, and that feeling between her legs continues to become more intense. He works a few more times with her right arm before trailing his hand across her back, then to the other shoulder, and repeats a similar massage to her left arm, again brushing lightly along the side of her breast with each cycle.

He then works Gilligan/s island font way down towards her legs, but rather than covering up her back, he simply slides the sheet over so it exposes part of the left side of her butt and her left leg. He starts down at her left foot, squeezing with just enough pressure, but not too much or too little, San antonio tx exotic massage again starts working in small circles around her foot and starting up her calf.

Chastitys hideaway key he gets up her calf a little, he starts to use both hands Erotic couples massage stories an alternating circular motion, which gently rocks her thigh muscle back and forth.

This motion also starts to let the sheet slide a little more to expose her ass a little more, with the sheet slipping closer to her butt crack. She also realizes that she is becoming really wet with his hands working on her leg, her thigh gently massaging her pussy, and realizing that she Purple diamonds natalya continually becoming a little more and more exposed AND aroused.

He Fucking my husbands dad works his way past her knee, then changes to more of an up-and-down pattern to slide along the back of her hamstrings. He works his way back down her thigh, and to her calf again, and starts to repeat this whole process again. Futurama leela pregnant he rocks her leg back and forth, her leg starts to spread away from the other one just a little bit, which now causes the sheet to go all way across her butt crack, and spread just a little bit.

He again crosses the back of her knee and switches to the pattern of sliding his hands up the back of her thigh, again stopping just a little bit short of her ass. He goes back down her thigh, and repeats the process again, and her leg again spre out just a little more.

She continues to have a knot in her stomach, with anticipation and wonderment of what will happen next. This time, when he slides up the back of her thigh, he goes up to massaging her ass, kneading deeply into her left butt. He works up to the top of her hip bone, then across close to her crack, Caught wearing moms clothes works down towards her thigh again.

Can he actually see her ass? Can he see how wet she is? The thoughts are driving her crazy….