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Enf picture stories, I'd like date woman who Enf picture stories japaneses

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Search Forums. Show Thre Show Posts. Go to ENF stories? Hi there, I know the forum is about pics and movies related to ENF

How old am I: 43
I prefer: Gentleman
I can speak: English
I like to listen: My favourite music country
Other hobbies: Fishkeeping
I have piercing: None

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Post by Humilatron » Thu Oct 17, pm. Post by unfair » Fri Oct 18, am. Post by Eoworfindir » Fri Oct 18, am.

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Post by Cetra » Sun Oct 27, pm. Post by jrw23 » Fri Nov 08, pm. Post by okayterrific » Mon Nov 11, pm. Post by unfair » Mon Nov 11, pm.

Enf, cfnm and stories of stripping naked

Post by Viredae » Mon Nov 11, pm. Post by okayterrific » Thu Nov 14, am. Favorite Erotic Creators? A forum for general discussions relating to the subject Daughter sucks fathers dick of stripping, pantsing, humiliating or being on the receiving end of any of the above.

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Post Reply. Contact Humilatron. Send private message. Quote Boy feet dares by Humilatron » Thu Oct 17, pm There are some pretty well known creators whether they be writers, artists, or other.

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Who are your favorites? Contact unfair. Adult vidio store Favorite Erotic Creators? Quote Post by unfair » Fri Oct 18, am I think the standard of the regular authors around here is really good.

Hentai foundry

Tbf I like the topic, so it's hard to go wrong with me, but I love the majority of stories. If I had to pick someone I think dazed is normally who I look for a story from first. Maybe you humilitron second. Trisha stuff by sds is great. And that recent story on the old board by Shazam "first week" is so out of this Turned into a woman by wife good it must be mentioned, even though I don't know any other stories by them.

Contact Eoworfindir. I like stories where the victim ends naked by accident or de, the first stories I read were the Jenny stories and Carries Towel Lactation fetish stories on Literotica, also TheSparkzone on Literotica especially her Peggy the bored housewife series.

Mcskyys series about Mindy as well. And many I've mentioned as well.

Quote Post by Cetra » Sun Oct 27, pm I think one of the obvious ones missing so far is Jappio, has done an absolute ton of amazing stories. I think he's slowed down a bit in recent times, but a great author. I would highly recommend his Slippery when wet borderlands 2 stories, they're not entirely ENF focused but they have a strong ENF element to them which is pretty great.

Contact jrw Quote Post by jrw23 » Sis incest tumblr Nov 08, pm sorry i should have responded earlier. Contact okayterrific. Contact Viredae. Who is online Users browsing this forum: No registered users and 2 guests.