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Oh, Doctor Who. The show is always proving itself to be as weird as it actually is. In the show itself, the material warrants quite a few peculiarities. I mean, there's a time machine masked as a British police box from the s. There's an year-old madman at the helm. And there's a weird AF character that is called both Bannakaffalatta and 2 midgets having sex.

Doctor who stories

See, I said it was weird. But aside from the show and the spinoffs, books, and Tumblr poststhere is the fan fiction. On the surface, the fans who write these stories are just looking to extend their creativity along Submissive wives tv show the vastness that the show allows. In fact, if there ever was a show to warrant fan fiction, it's this one.

With that being said, though, some of these fans may have gotten a bit carried away with themselves, and as a result, their final products are a bit… well…we'll just have Celebrities with eyebrow piercings see for ourselves, won't we?

Keep reading to check out 15 of the weirdest Doctor Who fanfics to grace the Internet.

For this one, we've got to blame the fans. After the Tenth Doctor's projection disappears just before he tells Rose Dr who erotica that he loves her, Whovians all around the world waited with bated breath to find out exactly how the Doctor truly felt about her.

Blacks gangbanging whites it's because of this need for closure that we get this fan fiction titled Shiver and Burn by ThroughanAmberFocus, that doesn't even Trans escort tumblr beating around the bush. So to speak. In this particular scenario, the Doctor doesn't bother with needing to tell Rose that he loves her, because his body is, well If any readers don't have the most creative mind, don't worry. I turned my wife into a slut story leaves very little to the imagination—and any questions we've ever had about the Doctor and Rose will have certainly been answered.

Of all the regenerations that the Doctor's had, they've all been a bit temperamental. However, this is especially true for the Ninth Doctor. Especially compared to iterations of the Doctor like Two, Seven and ElevenNine is dark, brooding, and powerful.

As a hero, this is certainly beneficial, but when they introduce this character into fan fiction, we can Dr who erotica imagine where his character is going to be taken—especially considering his love of leather. And it's all because of Christopher Eccleston's darker, controlling take on the character. Not everyone was a fan of this version of the Doctor, but there are some devoted fans who would ride with him 'til Bro cums in sister end.

The sex therapist 4: a naughty neighbour, we may want to get the thought of the Doctor "riding" anything out of our minds, just so we can clear our innocent palettes. And naturally, Amy would be walking around naked because she's been "lazy. If nothing else, we all know now after reading this story that the Eleventh Doctor has "gaunt hip bones," which honestly sounds just a little bit short of terrifying. It'd also be great if no one ever mentioned the Doctor's "juices pooling at her thighs" ever again.

‘doctor who’ stories

Can't we just go back to the days where the Doctor and Amy were looking for booty? As in on a pirate ship, of course. If we're going to create some dirty fan fiction with the Doctor, then why bother pulling any punches? In this twisted universe, we'll find such charming Doctor Who classics as Modesty ForbidsSmutty New Yearand one that gets right to the point - while also addressing a possible subplot in linguistics - Fucking my sisters butt.

Thebaddestwolf ()

However, if anyone is the type of Whovian who prefers episodes that get right to the point, well look no further than Fast and Dirty Sex. Other than that, it's exactly what the title says. Even though plenty of How do you pronounce ganymede fiction writers have lo of fun putting their favorite characters in situations that involve awkward sexual moments—per their fantasies—some go one step further. There are some writers who get a bit meta and just put themselves into the story; so that they can have a go with one of their favorite characters.

Take for instance the story Looks by RobinsRedFeathers. In this story, not only does the author wonder if all Time Lords are this good, but she also gets a bit panicky with all the lovemaking Merlin melts like magic suchhoping that the TARDIS is Dr who erotica.

To answer her questions: 1. Probably, and 2. Does it really matter at this point? Should we have seen this coming?

Well, maybe not. Actually, what with Weeping Angels being evil stone creatures that suck out the lives of people and displaces them in time and space and all. Nevertheless, Sadistic iron works Angel sex is now a thing, thanks to A Stone Cold Love by Johnlocksinthetardis, so we've got no other choice but to deal with this.

If anyone is not entirely familiar with a Weeping Angel, just know that it can't move if people look at it, but when people aren't looking, it attacks. So, either we keep from blinking and enjoy an awkward exchange with an inanimate object, or we do blink and Dr who erotica hope for the best. Either way, the entire premise is about having sex with a statue Married couples should feel absolutely free to indulge in each other as often as they'd like. However, when they're characters on a television show that isn't directly aimed at children although it's still very much enjoyed by childrenit's probably best Crossdressers sucking bbc keep their sexual pursuits behind closed doors.

However, in Conjugal Visits by clare, the Doctor and River a legally married pair seem to forget that children are, in fact, watching. And we might imagine that things get a bit out of hand. What else would we expect pairing up two eager time travelers who refuse to believe in limits? Slutty jean shorts a fan fiction writer explains that "The Doctor and River take advantage of their legal rights in unconventional ways," one already has a general idea of what that probably implies.

Technically, it's How to contact brandi love closed doors, but seeing as a jail cell is merely blocked off by bars What a wonderful thing it would be if the characters from Doctor Who could meet up with the characters from Harry Potter. But wait. Oh, no. Oh, no, not like this. Which means we were introduced to a kind and innocent young girl. Of course, leave it to fan fiction, to toss her into an adventure through space and time that is most definitely ill-suited for someone of her innocent emotional stature.

Lily Luna Potter totally deserves her own spinoff, if only to keep the Potterverse going strong. But shacking up with the Doctor probably isn't the direction that J. Rowling wanted to take her—nor is it the direction any Potterhead wanted to take her. We don't usually want to view our heroes in unsettling lights, but that's not to The princess trapped vanilla that some awkward fanfic writer won't do it for us.

Such was the case with Rose Tyler in the aptly titled, Operation Fornication by redonyellow. If we thought that the Doctor had good intentions, then, well, we were right. And this story isn't necessarily trying to change that. The story is, Dr who erotica, putting a bit of a After Captain Jack Harkness Impregnating my sister in law the Doctor the ways of sex, the Doctor decides that the only way to bring back the Wife flashes truckers Lords is to have sex with as many people as possible and repopulate the universe.

So, he starts with Rose Tyler, and we get this wonderful piece of literature: "The Doctor shrugged. We guess not. When we're traveling alone for a couple thousand years, it can get lonely. That's totally understandable even though it's not exactly relatable. Not if he's in the mood. So, in the fan fiction story titled Stuck in the Snogbox by Whouffletastic, we can Dr who erotica get a general idea Interactive stories weight gain what's going to go down with the Doctor So, if we want to recapture the spirited relationship between these two, we'll probably want to make sure no children are present.

Otherwise, we're going to get some strange looks, as well as some potentially disturbed mental images by formerly innocent minds. There's nothing more awkward then walking in on someone having sex. Especially if it's a friend of ours. All we want to do is poke our eyes out and have a go with whatever mind-erasing treatment Jim Carey gets in the Eternal Sunshine and the Spotless Mind. It wouldn't seem like such a big deal if the author didn't go into such graphic detail about how much Rory's When it comes to movies for children, Alice in Wonderland is definitely one of the weirder ones.

When it comes to television shows, Doctor Who isn't much different. So, what happens when you cross the two? Well, you get a little something titled Down the Rabbit HoleSounds of anal sex fanfic from Lupus Malum, where Alice and the Doctor bump into each other after falling down the rabbit hole. Naturally, a bit of madness ensues. As if the Doctor's adventures couldn't get any stranger, he literally becomes the Mad Hatter and Clara becomes the White Rabbit—and then things continue to get stranger. Author Lewis Carroll may have never anticipated something like this, but in all honesty, Naked sons and daughters hard to imagine he'd find it at all strange.