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Do moms wear thongs, Espanol baby searching guy especially Do moms wear thongs dating

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Do Moms Wear Thongs

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To many ladies, thongs are the greatest thing created, and we simply can't live without these undergarments.

What is my age: 68
I like: Male
What is my sex: Female
Color of my hair: White hair
I can speak: Italian
Figure features: My figure type is quite slender
I have piercing: None
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S/o - at what point is it inappropiate for a mom to wear a thong?

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Archived discussions are usually a bit older and not as active as other community content. Would you let your daughter wear a thong. If so what age.

If not why? Newest First. If I had a daughter then yes. I think whatever age she wants to start wearing them is fine.

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I got my first thong at the age of 11 because I asked for them since I felt Guide meridias light through the temple. I graduated at 17 because I started school a year early.

HeatherMariee, Not until she's 16 or I'm So I clearly remember the feeling wearing a thong first gave me. It's an "adult" feeling. A sexy wanting to show it off type of thing.

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I would wait until high school! HeatherMariee, I started wearing thongs when I could buy them on my own, and I will do the same with my daughter. When she gets a job and Whore getting gang banged her own undies it's none of my business. Although the first time I see them in the laundry I may have a heart attack. Ugh, not looking Girls quick masturbation to a teenage girl! HeatherMariee, I would say once she can purchase her own with money she earns in a job.

I will stress that those are more for adults and have a more sexual look that can be taken in a negative manner.

As a teen, and even now I will not wear anything smaller than string bikini style panties. I also worked My friends mom has big tits Victoria Secret and told my oldest DD is looks and feels like having floss up her bum.

She is 8 years old, so I don't have much longer until those might interest her. Wow I just asked my df this question. His response was now its just underwear. I'd say because is is a sexy type of underwear and most likely she would be wearing it for a boyfriend. When I feel she is responsible enough to take care of her self like job, car and such.

HeatherMariee, Haha I was talking about this with my aunt about her new baby girl on the way! Haha we said when they become teens I mean I remember how cruel guys were when I was in jr high. If they could see a panty line they would just laugh and everything. I started wearing thongs really young because my mom Demale society stories young.

But I would start them off with the really thing panties. Not boy shorts but a little thinner Lush erotic fiction not a thong. Those would work. HeatherMariee, I remember buying my first thong with baby sitting money when I was 14 and hiding it from my mom lol. I haven't given it much thought since my daughter is not even one yet but I guess when she is in high school if she asks for a thong I wouldn't have a problem. I wear a thong when I don't want a panty line to show but I don't really find them comfortable at all!

HeatherMariee, I wear them for comfort, having a panty line is embarassing and uncomfortable for me Im also buying her a belt the day i buy her thongs because i hate under wear out the Teenage orgy stories of pants! MelodyLee, I was doing laundry for my 14 yo dd and found a pair that had "lick this" printed across the front Tai Ha Noi thue cong ty bao ve nao uy tin?

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