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Arcanum running slow, Arcanum running slow baby seek men especially for love

Discussion in ' Playground ' started by CrawlOct 14,

Arcanum Running Slow

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Troika Games was started by three members whom were also behind the post-apocalyptic, tongue in cheek, Fallout, one of the best RPGs of all time Nude models near me, so it's no surprise then that the RPG community has been eagerly awaiting their first project -- Arcanum. It's been a long time in the making, but Troika's Arcanum is finally out, and I for one don't think any RPG fan is going to be disappointed with the end culmination of over three years work.

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Have a question about this project? Already on GitHub? When we complete game or die, game displays slides bitmaps.

Question info

Game should displays the slides until player press something but very often this slides only appear for split second. Log from debug version: ddraw. In my observations in latest experimental version is better than on 0. When I run game with slower ddraw wrapper this doesn't happen but game runs not that smooth.

The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. Problem Free reluctant wife stories in latest release from Arcanum Sorry, something went wrong. From googling around it Abigail breslin nip to be an old problem from way before DDrawCompatso at least I think it's not something broken in my code.

It is supposed to be reproducible by just clicking on credits in the main menu also. Can you reproduce it that way? I tried watching the death slide like a dozen times too but Strip club amature night works correctly every time.

But this seems to be missing for you too based on your video. I guess the two issues might be somehow related. If you can't reproduce it with the credits, then could you attach your save game also?

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I don't really have an end game save at hand. If credits are broken too then there is probably no need for this. From the logs, it seems you have an Nvidia GPU. Maybe the issue is specific to that, but unfortunately that's something I can't test at the moment.

I didn't see anything wrong in the logs though. Can you test your integrated GPU too if you have one?

Actually, I think I figured it out after comparing your logs with mine. I'm not sure how this ties in to input handling, but if I disable the SetGammaRamp Leather crossdresser tumblr, then I also get the credits rolling by too fast multiple slides per button press, sometimes none of them show up at alland the death slide occasionally skips too.

I'll try to figure out a proper solution tomorrow, my attempts to introduce a v-sync wait in SetGammaRamp have produced Wife likes strange cock undesirable side effects so far.

Question info

Yeah in credits arcanum module I see sometimes 5, sometimes 6 screens. In polish version of game there should be 11 credits screens I check this on windowed mode. When I play in windowed mode all is fine, but game seems to freeze for few seconds when loading slides. Below save before ending in module Lost Dungeon of Souls click on the door.

LostDungeonofSouls save before ending. Log from notebook on credits screen ddraw from in debug mode. I see 8 of 11 slides. PS: When game run slower ex. I also try force v-sync in nVidia control panel for Arcanum and running game with different compatibility settings Monster girl encyclopedia jinko without success.

How does peter north do it I notice that fraps can't record this fade out effect OBS the same also bandicam. I need find better tool for recording GeForce Experience tool not working with Arcanum for some reason. My test build: ddraw 1ms sleep in setGammaRamp.

I don't know why but I don't find any method to record fade out effect on PC. Arcanum running slow on virtual machine or remote screen this effect is not visible. Probably this can be recorder only with external recorder.

Below video from my phone with ddraw with 1ms sleep in setGammaRamp. In real looks better is really smooth. Vid Well, I googled a lot and I'm no closer to finding out what is the expected behavior of SetGammaRamp. The DirectX 7 docs are silent on the issue, but DX8 and Taking wife to strip club docs do explicitly mention that it doesn't wait for v-sync, which is at least not true on both my current Intel and AMD drivers.

An old tutorial from that implements fade effects in DirectDraw with SetGammaRamp apparently uses Sleep 1 because "the routine was a little too fast so this slows it down a bit So it looks like the behavior has been inconsistent among different drivers for a long time. Since there doesn't seem to be any speed limit in the game itself, I'm leaning towards that it depended on waiting on v-sync, otherwise they would have probably ran into the same issue that the fade is too fast and can even skip many slides. That said, I'd be cautious with adding that much delay Gay brothers fucking eachother drivers that aren't currently waiting on v-sync, because other games might have different expectations and it could end up making those run too slow when using gamma control for effects.

So in the end I'll probably also end up adding just a 1 ms sleep as a compromise, in case the driver doesn't already wait at least that long. This will result in the fade duration being inconsistent on different drivers, but fixing that would require emulating the gamma ramps via a Why do girls hit guys in the balls shader. Which is pretty difficult to Arcanum running slow in Direct3D 7, because it doesn't expose any interfaces for using shaders. It would have to be hacked in via other means, which is something I eventually plan to do anyway for different reasons, but that Glory hole tallahassee probably very far in the future.

As for recording the fade effect: yes, I assume most recorders don't take into the gamma ramp levels and just record the primary surface Walked in on sister naked contents which is not affected by gamma changes. You'd have to find something that can track and record the gamma adjustments also, but I don't know of any recording software that can do that.

Build with windows SDK I did some further testing.

Did you find the information you are interested in about arcanum wine slow?

Some old forum posts mentioned that this issue can be fixed by disabling DirectDraw hardware acceleration. The relevant effect of this is that the HEL device does not 36z bra size any gamma control capabilities which would require hardware support to work. So I experimented with something similar by simulating disabled gamma caps in the driver.

However, it still waits for exactly 2 seconds whenever a fade in or fade out effect is supposed to play. I think this is more "proof" that the fade effect Monster girl encyclopedia jinko supposed to be fairly slow. Just 1 ms sleep per gamma change would make it too fast Arcanum running slow comparison. I think I'll rather go with enforcing v-sync on gamma changes even for those drivers that currently don't do that, after all.

This will give a uniform behavior across drivers and Sports groupie stories think it will also match how the fade effect was intended to work in Arcanum. If this causes any problems in other games, I'll revisit the issue again.

Though in that case only a config option would provide a proper solution. Star New issue. Jump to bottom. Copy link. So it looks like my workaround using 1ms sleep in setGammaRamp is not that bad after all ;? Sounds like a good Older women who spank. I waiting for new test release. Wait for vertical blank during gamma ramp changes …. Fixed in the latest experimental release.

Thanks, Fix working great on PC and notebook :. Already have an ? Linked pull requests. You ed in with another tab or window. Reload to refresh your session.