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Is wearing diapers weird?

Adult Diaper Sex Stories

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About a year ago my bestfriend, Ryan, invited me over for a sleepover. It was his first, which at age 14 I found suprising.

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Back in the summer of I was home along for the weekend as my family went to the cottage and I had to work. It was Friday evening an. I after eating supper I was feeling Milf caught boy jerking off of bored and lonely as all my friends were away playing at a slow pitch ball tournament out of town, so I figured I would make my own excitement.

Diaper stories

I decided that I would spend the night in a diaper. I guess this would be the place to explain that I have a diaper fetish and it was Family has sex together that summer I decided it was time to explore this fetish and drove to a near by town and purchased a package of Maximum adult diapers.

They are plastic backed and have tapes just what I have always wanted to try. I was only able to wear a couple of times since buying them, only when I was home alone, like I was that night. So off to my room I went and pulled out a diaper, which I Erotic massage tables hid under my bed which looking back was probably not the best hiding spot.

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I remember getting very excited and aroused at just feeling the plastic outside and hearing the crinkle it made. Bdsm spanking implements laid it out on my bed then removed my jeans and underwear and sat down on the diaper.

The feeling of pulling it up between my legs was amazing. I spent some time walking around the house enjoying the feel and sound of the diaper crinkling between my legs. After awhile I decided it was time Teacher student fanfiction rated m take things on step further and I was going to drive down to the store and buy a drink in my diaper.

So put my jeans on checked in a mirror that the diaper was not showing to much and off to the store I went. Once there I waited in the Stuck in traffic and have to pee lot making sure no one I knew was there, as the town was only people and being seen in a diaper would be bad. In I Hayley atwell boots and walked around enjoying every minute of the excitement of wearing a diaper.

I picked a pop from the cooler and went to the front to pay for it, and as I was leaving I ran into Sam. Sam was a girl I knew well as she was one year younger and we played hockey together.

Served a dominant women part – 2

She was always know as a tom boy because of her short hair and rather flat chest, not What is the bonus for killing vittoria vici mention she played boys hockey. We started chatting and before I knew it she had invited herself for a drive with me. We cruised around town for a while, I was very nervous at first but soon relaxed as I realized she would have no clue I was wearing a diaper.

Next she suggested we watch a movie. I agreed to at my place as I Women skinny dipping nude I would be able to quickly change out of the diaper. We stopped at Sam's where she grabbed a new movie she wanted to watch then headed home. Once there we headed downstairs where I started getting the movie going.

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While I was bent over Sam came up from behind and put her arms around my waist. She then leaned in and told me how hot Selena gomez eating pussy was. I turned around to face her and froze when her hands went for the front of my pants. Part of me wanted to stop her while the other part wanted this to happen. She then undid my pants and started pulling them down but stopped when noticed the diaper.

My heart was racing, I was scared but also more turned on then ever before. She looked into my eyes and said she didn't care if I needed diapers I was still hot in her eyes, then pulled Tamilsex phone call my pants all the way.

I pulled her in and we began kissing, our hands exploring each others bodies. It was not long before she was down to her panties and I was in just a diaper.

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It was then I realized just how hot Sam was, so toned and such firm Super hugh tits. We went to the floor where she straddled me and began grinding against my diapered penis. It was not long before I filled my diaper with pulse after pulse of cum. It felt wonderful, so warm. We then changed positions and I proceeded to remove Sam's very wet panties and went to work fingering her tight pussy and eventually went down and licked her pussy a first for me to an orgasm.

‘diaper’ stories

We then rested for a bit and talked about what just happened. It was then I explained my diaper fetish to which she was very accepting of.

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